In her shoes

We was best friends. we were like family. now it is ruined. i cant believe that something happened we didn't expect. i thought we was going best friends forever well i guessed wrong didn't i? i wish i could go back and change things well its too late now i can never go back i cant take my mistake disappear it will always be there. While she is in the glowing light of attention and popularity i am in the shadows of her secrets. While everyone thinks she's a gorgeous goddess me and my best friends know her true side she is a demon from hell and there is a reason why i am in her shadows this is because she makes my life a living hell some people may not care or maybe the don't notice or some people may think she is joking. Well i never thought me and her would never be enemy's.


3. The games begin


Rose’s point of view

I walked into school and all of a sudden destiny was behind me and shoved me into a wall and kicked my ankle so i fell over. Tears formed in my eyes but i was determined not to show weakness. Then she shouted

“ha-ha look at the pathetic little loser look lexis she can’t even stand up straight!”

Lexis came up flipped her perfectly long, gold hair and laughed. Lexis destiny and there over evil friend stood and laughed they took my dancing bag, took my dance clothes out of it and threw them round the hall. Once they had finished humiliating me they walked off. Angel and scarlet came along helped me up and helped me collect my belongings together. Then angel spoke

"don't listen to them they are just jelous because you are gorgeous talented and they just want to crush you and your dreams so while you are a being miserable they can have the attention instead of you"


I smiled but when I walked into the maths classroom with them I saw my worst nightmare. I saw destiny kissing Fred. Fred was the boy I loved. I have had a crush on him since i first met him I thought he was cute and fit and kind and destiny knew i had a crush on him! The bell rang class started they all went 2 sit at the back I sat in the middle of the class room with Amy, ruby, sapphire, angel, scarlet, crystal, violet, Adrian and Aiden. Adrian and Aiden were twins who go out with Violet and crystal who are also twins. The four are head over heels for each over. I looked back and saw destiny and Fred kissing again. My heart was crushed into oblivion.

Destiny’s point of view

I saw Rose looking hurt and upset. Mission accomplished! I did feel kind of bad about it i did know that she liked him and he liked her but I told him a lie that she hated him and she never wanted anything to do with him and I started to flirt with him and I asked him out and he said yes. But this is what rose gets for leaving me! No one messes with me and gets away with it she just used me for more friends! We were sat in maths. sir asked a question I had no idea what it was or the answer. I sat back and relaxed and watched Rose. She was working it out on her tiny,petite hands. Her nails shined a perfect gold in the light. Her hand shot up as fast as a lightning bolt. She said some random number I couldn't hear her that well. Sir shouted

“Correct rose a perfect student as usual some of you should learn from her. She will end up with an amazing future unlike some of you!”

I coughed

“ugly geek.”

Loud enough so she could hear. She blushed with embarrassment while people laughed and others glared at me they knew what I was doing they knew I was making her life as much as a living hell as possible. I sat back and laughed at her humiliation. Well she should know .......... this is just the beginning.

Rose’s point of view

 I went to my dance class. When i dance if i was sad or angry or anything else id make my feelings go away id be in my own little world. I got changed into my demin shorts and a small top that flowed and it what white with the letters love across it in black.  I went to the dance hall got my own privet space like all the over people did. My feet glided across the floor delicately. I felt as light as a feather.  I felt free everything upsetting or sad has left my mind I was in my perfect little world. When my music stopped people started to clap. Destiny had a disgusted look on her face. Then she shouted

“What you clapping for that it was so rubbish it. She is such a failure why is she even at this school if she had no talent? People say her voice sounds like a angel when it sounds like a cat being strangled. Her dancing is just loads of random moves put together and it looks so rough and awful it hurts my eye! Her gymnastics looks like she could be done by a 5 year old i can remember the horrible images from last time she did a gymnastics routine! How did she even get accepted at the school?”

I grabbed my stuff from the changing rooms and ran off. When I found the girls toilets I went in a cubical and changed into my normal clothes. I stuffed my clothes into my bag and went to the music rooms.

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