In her shoes

We was best friends. we were like family. now it is ruined. i cant believe that something happened we didn't expect. i thought we was going best friends forever well i guessed wrong didn't i? i wish i could go back and change things well its too late now i can never go back i cant take my mistake disappear it will always be there. While she is in the glowing light of attention and popularity i am in the shadows of her secrets. While everyone thinks she's a gorgeous goddess me and my best friends know her true side she is a demon from hell and there is a reason why i am in her shadows this is because she makes my life a living hell some people may not care or maybe the don't notice or some people may think she is joking. Well i never thought me and her would never be enemy's.


1. The begining


There were two 9 year old's going to their first day ever at the performing stars academy you don’t only just have your normal lessons you train to make your talent even more special than it already is. They had known each other there whole life but now they get to go to the same academy. They were lucky their parents let them go. The two excited children ran into their dorm room they jumped on the two beds with happiness for their freedom and that night they fell asleep with smiles on their faces. They knew they were going to be best friends forever! But that’s what they thought and didn't know what the future had in store for them. They woke up the next morning excited as ever they knew they were going to enjoy it at the academy . In the dance class they met angel, scarlet, ruby, sapphire, crystal, violet and Amy they all became best friends when they was in the same group to make a dance together. Further on through the years they had their ups and downs and boyfriends and ex’s until they came to the age 14............................................... Will these two young girls stay together forever or will attenuation, popularity, greed and power destroy this amazing friendship?  

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