In her shoes

We was best friends. we were like family. now it is ruined. i cant believe that something happened we didn't expect. i thought we was going best friends forever well i guessed wrong didn't i? i wish i could go back and change things well its too late now i can never go back i cant take my mistake disappear it will always be there. While she is in the glowing light of attention and popularity i am in the shadows of her secrets. While everyone thinks she's a gorgeous goddess me and my best friends know her true side she is a demon from hell and there is a reason why i am in her shadows this is because she makes my life a living hell some people may not care or maybe the don't notice or some people may think she is joking. Well i never thought me and her would never be enemy's.


4. Music, talent and a new friend?

roses point of view

I entered the music room with the grand piano inside. I had so many memories in here with my loved ones.  I pulled a wooden seat up to the black shiny grand piano. i unlocked the piano and pressed the Black and white soft keys. my fingers glided across the keys playing each soft note when i press it. When i started to play the piano and i started to sing along. A lot of people said my voice Was as soft as a angel. But what if they said that to make me feel better what if what destiny said was true? then my phone bleeped i looked down at my phone........ there was a message from destiny.

destiny's point of view

i watched with laughter as she ran out of the hall almost in tears. me and lexis had  to sit down we was laughing so hard. lexis was my true best friend. she wont use me for friends! when dance class had finally finished i went to get my phone. i had a blackberry. i scrolled through my blackberry  friends. i found rose and i sent

"ha-ha rose your such a cry baby as usual! maybe your parents sent you to this academy so you could grow up. Or maybe they just just didn't want you and thought you were a ugly scrawny child that would never learn never grow up! Cause for sure i wouldn't want you. ohhhh wait i don't have you do i ...... well good for me. oh wait your dad didn't want you either cause he walked out on you too bad for your mum though she didn't deserve it. well just thought id let you know this hasn't ended yet its just the beginning and each time i will put you through pure hell! and you will wish you was dead."

i knew it was wrong and everything but i couldn't help my self. she wont tell anyone any way shes too scared to. i stuffed my phone in my bag. flipped my perfectly, soft, long,gold hair over my shoulder and walked out with lexis and the over girls following us. i knew they wanted to be us but they will never be as perfect as us

Roses point of view 

I read the text message over and over again. i started to feel dizzy from the stress i was under. only destiny knew my dad wasn't my real dad he was my step dad because my real dad walked out on me, my mum and my baby sister amber. he had fallen in love with a different lady she was quite rich. she is really nice i visited them  a few times she gives me presents that i might need like make up and clothes. And we have time together me and my mum cant because shes too busy with my step dad and my step brother George. My dad and my Step mum had a baby daughter she is now two her name is Emily she is adorable i love to spend time with her. I came back from my happy thoughts and realized Destiny knew most of my secrets now we are not friends she could spill them to any one. There was a couple of dark secrets i needed to keep. i took my phone hid the message and headed off to Spanish which i gladly didnt have with Destiny. i sat at the back of the class room. And a cute looking boy came and sat next to me.He had longish (but not too long of course) blonde hair that shined gold in the sun light , gorgeous blue eyes that i could get lost in forever. And kind of thin but long lips that made him look fit when he smiled. he flicked his hair then he turned to me my heart was pounding quickly because i couldnt believe he was looking at me and then he said

"hi my name is Alex and your rose right?"

i nodded my head

"didn't you be best friends with destiny ? but she picks on you now?"

I nodded my head once again he could tell i didn't want to talk at this moment in time i looked over at angel and mouthed ohhhh my gosh he is so hot! but then to my terror i heard the door slam. i looked towards the  big blue door. there stood destiny lexis and the wanna  be's. lexis and her friends took a seat at the over side of the class room. But destiny took the seat next to me. Alex saw how terrified i looked and asked

"would you like to swap seats rose?"

so i told him

"no thank you i am fine"

then i smiled at him and he smiled back. then Destiny whispered into my ear so only i could hear

"oo someones got a crush too bad he wont want you rose your a pathetic, worthless, loser. no one would want you ,your like a broken toy in a kids box ,no child wants you! you might as well give up now because ill steal him away from you anyway because i mean look at you... your so fake and ugly and i am so beautiful. i can charm my way to any guy and you know that rose."

destiny's point of view

I was sat there whispering false hope to rose all lesson i wanted to wreck her happy soul. i wanted to make her miserable. so all lesson i said mean and horrid things to her no girl would want to hear. it would break even the strongest girls heart. But one thing i noticed was Alex was glaring at me the whole lesson could he hear what i was saying to her? did he actually like her in the way she liked him? well i am going to have to make him fall for me never mind how hard it is.  I need to make rose cry. i want to watch her in pain i am going to make her life hell! i don't care if its classed as bullying or not i am going to do it. Spanish droned on and on. it was funny to watch rose sit uncomfortably because i was sat next to her. i knew she was terrified. i kicked ankles and she kept wincing in pain each time i did it. she didn't yelp out in pain or anything. i looked down at her ankles. There was purple and blue bruises that covered her ankles now i smiled at what i had done. when no one was looking and Alex had gone somewhere i yanked on her long silky, perfectly wavy hair. i pulled a couple of strands out but not much i could tell she was in pain. because tears were on the brink of her eyes. she stood up and asked miss if she could go to the toilets and she ran out of the class room almost in tears. 

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