In her shoes

We was best friends. we were like family. now it is ruined. i cant believe that something happened we didn't expect. i thought we was going best friends forever well i guessed wrong didn't i? i wish i could go back and change things well its too late now i can never go back i cant take my mistake disappear it will always be there. While she is in the glowing light of attention and popularity i am in the shadows of her secrets. While everyone thinks she's a gorgeous goddess me and my best friends know her true side she is a demon from hell and there is a reason why i am in her shadows this is because she makes my life a living hell some people may not care or maybe the don't notice or some people may think she is joking. Well i never thought me and her would never be enemy's.


9. music day

i woke you the next morning i knew angel would still be furious with me time to make her explode so while she was on a furious rampage round the school i can pick on Rose because Angel wont be there to protect her and her friends will try and calm her down. I walked down to the giant hall where the teachers told us to meet. i looked throught the small gap on the big blue doors it was crowded with people out of my year. So i took a big shove at the big purple doors in front of me as it hit the cream walls it made a loud thud. Everyone turned silent and turned to look at me eveyone saw me. all the girls glared at me with jelous eyes. i walked across the hall my high heels clicking against the choclatey brown floor. Once i reached Lexis she was say on one of the desks flirting with her boys which were crowded around her. They were her boys because she used her charm to win them off of any girl and they absoulotly adored her. we did our hand shake and the she said while laughing

"lovely entrance Hun we should totally use that again at somepoint"

when the Teachers came in they told us we were having a music day where we would spend the whole day working on our talent then at the end of the day we would have a show for the students that cant put there talent into a show because it has to be outside or something.

i made my way to the dancing hall with lexis. Rose was walking infront of me with her friends. a evil smile appeared on my face. today was my perfect chance to torment her. While she was walking i stood  on back of her shoe and she went flying. She had scrapes on her knee she stood up and up and walked of no wanting to face me. i started laughing. When we got to danceing we all cam up with our own dance ruitin i looked over at Rose she looked amazing she was dancing to jars of hearts. the way she danced fit so well into the music. So i shouted

"rose no need to play around and be like a little kid some of us are trying to practice so get on with your real dance instead of making a fool of yourself"

she blushed but carried on. When my music started i threw my self into my dancing it was a very energetic dance. once i finished i was really hot and breathing heavily. people was gaping and they all started clapping except for rose and her friends who were to busy working on there dances. They couldn't even take a break to watch my brilliant dance like the others do. so while Rose was dancing i stuck my foot out and she fell she made a small scream. But no one could hear her while she was laid on the floor i stood on her hand she yelped but only quietly so she didn't attract any attention once i stepped of her hand she stood up. As i walked away i walked into her shoulder and then i whispered so only she could hear

" i would watch your back i could do anything you have no control over me you fat Dumbo. see you soon cow." 

Roses point of view 

i looked down at my hand it was red as a strawberry. i ignored the fact i was in pain and put all my energy towards dancing.The teachers told us to practice one last time before we went to break. i pressed replay on my music and the same tune played and i was its puppet it made me dance i didn't know what i was doing but all my feelings came out into my dance. people watched amazed at what i was doing once again Destiny looked jelous i could see it in her eyes. At break time i put my dance clothes away and went to my secret place near the lake i laid down and just thought about everything. my friends, family and enimes.Then i could hear the high pitched bell from the school that was hidden behind the long dark trees. Iran up to the school and went to my singing rehersal.i went to my place in the class room we were in groups and we listened to each other sing. At first it was angel singing Starship. she sounded amazing. finally it was my turn singing jar of hearts.When i started singing  people stoped and stared. i felt so akward so i stoped. I could hear destiny talking to people about me when i heard some of the stuff she was saying it really hurt it hit me like a bunch of knives.Its nice to know she talks behind my back to my "friends" and she crushes my hope every single day.

Well the day went on time went so fast mostly my days were slow because destiny would make them miserably. Well now it is time for the talent show once again Alex and my other friends that wouldn't be included in this were sat among the inpatient audience. I looked onto the stage Destiny had just finished with her act. she people clapped loudly as if fireworks was going of round the room continuously. It was my turn to go up. while i was singing and dancing i heard foot steps that wasn't normal. they got faster and faster until i was on the floor on top of me was Destiny? She screamed at me while pinning me down

"you have stole my true love, You have took my friends away from me. You have taken everything from me. But you will not take my talent show crown. i am better than you!"

She started to hit me i tried to get up but she was too strong for me. People started ran up onto the stage trying to get her off me but  she just abused me more and it got worst she used langue and she physically abused me. Then she went flying off me. she was in the air two people had picked her up she started kicking and screaming. They took her round the back of the stage and took her away. Violet came up to me

"i am sorry Rose i told the head teacher what was going on between you and Destiny i couldn't help it i got all that witnesses to tell as well luckily we got her in time before something really bad happened but any way the head teacher wants to talk to you" 



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