A Fallen Petal

This was part of my AS English Language coursework which had to be based on a style model - I chose 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold, which is a dark but beautifully written book. Therefore the structure and some of the concepts and ideas are very similar( as they had to be) this is why I put it under fan-fiction.

I just thought I'd share it because it seems like a waste of my time I spent writing it with it just sat on my memory stick! Tell me what you think...


1. Prologue

"Inside the vase on my mother’s dressing table, she kept

Roses coloured in vibrant violets, whites and reds.

When I was little my mother would place me on her lap

And brush the knots from my hair. She would let me

 Touch the waxy petals and inhale their fragrance.

 The two of us watched as they grew from bud then

Bloomed. They always died too soon, I thought,

And I would cry for them. When my mother saw this,

She said, “Don’t cry, Rosie; Nothing lasts forever,

They bloom for a short while, before leaving

Beautiful memories.”

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