the destroyer

this is a bout a alien in the olden days


1. the start and end


The destroyer




          In the 18 hundreds   I heard it coming for me.

            “RUN! Run for your life,” the voice behind me screamed. “They are coming!” the person howled.

            “I can’t!” I howl back. “I don’t feel well, they imprisoned me too long,” Blood pours from the place the monsters slashed me, blinding me. Pain shoots from the wound in my forehead to the grumble in my stomach.

BANG! WOOSH! AAAAAAH!             The second bullet rockets past my right ear. But the first hit the person behind me, silencing them forever. But they can’t silence me! I wont let the monsters win!


I need help i kept on running a bead of sweat went down my ugly face the monster was close it was a black hooded man with a massive sword I went back to my house my brother is in the war my dad knows how to work a gun so I am going to ask him if he can help I talked to him he was very nerves at first but he said yes we got are guns and swords ready to go know we need info  they went to there leader who knows every thing they told them about the cloaked demean it is called the destroyer they got to the secret cave were the destroyer lived Tommy said lets  knock then they shot dunes of bullets tommys dad ran in then the destroyer slit dads throat and ripped its head of and eat its guts out and there its carcass tommy was so up set that he ran in and cut the destroyer then shot him the destroyer died but later on tommy died of disappointment because his dad died but they met in hell


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