Avengers save the earth

The avengers try to save the earth.


1. The beginning of the end


The avengers save man kind

 The avengers are 1 of the best group of super heroes they met each other and now a team named THE AVENGERS! Fighting evil, destroying destroyers.

All the avengers were training. Iron Man was working on his flying, swerving effortlessly to avoid the obstacles ahead of him. Captain America was practicing his fighting skills, flinging his shield and flicking out his pistol, shooting it with  accuracy . Hawkeye was shooting his arrows, the tips soaring through the air, like a graceful gazelle. Hulk was being the Hulk, his huge mass being used to throw heavy objects at airplane projections. The training room itself was huge, round and full of the state of the art weapons, gadgets and ammo.

After training Iron Man called a meeting, they all wondered curiously what was happening when Iron Man said loki thor your brother is invading the earth.I am moving in said thor

Then he went flying through the roof captain go after thor hawkeye you go as well so then me iron man and hulk will go to lokies minions they are called ice monsters so lets go get them mean while hawkeye and captain America is chasing thor then hawkeye shot an arrow off of thor thor stopped and said don’t do that again ok said hawkeye but we have to help iron man and hulk the ice monster are beating them up  then they all met up and and then thrashed the ice monsters captain America through his shield iron man shot hulk smashed thor waked with his hammer and hawkeye shot arrows then they ran to loki` thor was so upset that he charged in and loki kicked him and thor got knocked out then hawkeye shot an arrow then loki shot a blue beam off of hawkeye then captain America through his shield and it hut of off loki but loki through it away so captain cant use it then he shot another beam of off captain it was so sore he started to bleed then iron man went in he put up a good fight but loki picked up ironman and through him then hulk was so bored that he smashed loki in to the ground loki was defeated  the avengers assembled through loki into prison then they all went to hospital and they lived.

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