My bullying story

well i was bullied from primary too secondary and still am.
and i dont think they are gonna stop any day soon :(
i want too win this competion so much , not for the prize ,
just too prove too the bulllys that im strong and that im not gnna put up with there hastle any more :(


2. secondary.

when i joined secondary school , the girl from my first primary school joined the same secondary school,

and so did all the girls that i had arguments with in my new primary school.

so not many people liked me ,

at the begining on year 7 , i had problems with my form 

mostly boys , and i still have a problem with the boys,

they torment me ,

everyday i cry and its annoying because now i have anger management,

and all the boys hit me so i hit back , but the teachers dislike me,

cause my older sis was at that school and she got bullied and the teachers blamed it on her.

so now they are blaming my bulliment on me .

the bullies are low, i have a disabled 2 year old sis that sends most of her time in hospital.

and some people decide too take the piss outta her,

i stil have problems and sometimes i refuse too go too school .

i hate it there and now im losing friends ....

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