My bullying story

well i was bullied from primary too secondary and still am.
and i dont think they are gonna stop any day soon :(
i want too win this competion so much , not for the prize ,
just too prove too the bulllys that im strong and that im not gnna put up with there hastle any more :(


1. primary

i was bullied from a young age and i had too move primary schools because of it.

i did have many friends in my first primary school but that all changed ,

when one of my mates changed ,

there was a group of us and cause we were young we pretended we were the bratz,

and then the main girl was one of my close mates and everyone liked her,

so when me and her had a argument everyone turned against me.

then noone believe that i was moving school half way threw year 4 ,

when i moved too my new school i only knew one person and she was so nice,

and popular,

i was mates with alot of people and it went fine intill , year 5 when we had another school join us 

because their school was closed down and i had a problem with one of the girls ,

then by the end of year 6 , i had a argument with the girl that i knew from the begining 

and because she was popular everyone started too hate me again.


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