Innocent Blood

June is 15. She doesn't have a family, or any life to be proud of.

July is 16. He doesn't have a family, or any life to be proud of.

These two young adolescents are part of a society that is falling apart around them. They are 'Innocents".


9. Return

As I returned to the building, I couldn't help but think something was wrong. 

"Let's get you cleaned up June" Angie said as she caught me in the corridor. 
"Angie?" I asked her, following her to her room and allowing her to start scrubbing my face clean.
"What?" She asked in return, handing me wet wipes and beginning to remove my wig.
"If I think my Ups are making a poor decision, I can't say anything can I?" I asked, taking off my dress and pulling on the vest and shorts Angie handed me. "Probably not... You've just got to let things run their course you know?" she grimaced, handing me a hair-tie and shoving me out of her room. "Don't do anything stupid June. You can't afford a mistake at the moment."

With Angie's words ringing in my ears, I dragged myself up numerous staircases and ladders until I reached the roof. 

The roof was usually the only place in the whole building where it was possible to be alone. And it was also one of the only places in which smoking was banned. "Afternoon Juniper" someone called from my left as I took a seat on the edge of the roof and let my feet dangle over the edge. "Oh hi Hedge!" I greeted as he walked over and sat beside me.
"Have you met the new kid yet?" he asked me, handing me a bottle of blood orange juice with a smile as I stared at the city below. "Met him? I've already had the pleasure of working with him." I replied, grimacing and lying on my back. 
"Aw come on, how bad can he be?" Hedge asked me, lying beside me and giving me a cuddle. I groaned and stared hard into Hedge's eyes. "It's not that he's bad, he's just...."
I sat up and turned to see July sauntering over. 

"Hey dude!" Hedge greeted him, sitting up beside me and resting his head on my shoulder. "Juniper was just telling me what a pleasure it was to work with you yesterday!" 
"You knew?!" I asked him indignantly, pushing him off and staring from him to July. 
"Of course he did, I told him earlier when you went off!" July chuckled, sitting on my other side and grinning. "Juniper?" he added with a smirk. "Don't call me that!" I protested, feeling myself blushing.
"Yeah July, stop calling her Juniper! That's my thing!" Hedge chimed in chuckling before poking my face playfully.
"Don't tell me you too made friends..." I groaned again, lying back down and staring at the clear blue sky. I felt Hedge lie beside me again before July followed his example.
"Actually, we've known each other for years!" Hedge explained, high-fiving July over my head. "I used to deal in his neighbourhood! You know... Before I got caught" he chuckled again rolling onto his side and ticking my neck.

"So I guess I'll be hanging around with you two then!" July announced, stretching and completely obstructing my view as he did so.

Great. Just what I needed. Another idiot.

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