Innocent Blood

June is 15. She doesn't have a family, or any life to be proud of.

July is 16. He doesn't have a family, or any life to be proud of.

These two young adolescents are part of a society that is falling apart around them. They are 'Innocents".


5. First Lesson


"So what are you going to 'teach' me first? How to fight better than I already can?" I laughed, punching the air as she slammed the courtyard door behind us and clicked her knuckles. "Nope. Today we're are going to improve the shit manners you used yesterday." she explained, wrapping her hands in bandages and snarling at me like a cat toying with its prey. I looked at her in disbelief and felt the blood boil slightly in my veins.

"So. Repeat after me pretty boy; Good evening sir, I trust your business is going well?" I stood there silently as she stared me down. The cat had cornered me and was testing my patience. I smiled and began humouring her; "Evening sir. How is the business? You think I'm pretty?" there was a swishing sound and I felt something strike me between the shoulder blades. "What the hell?!" I shouted at her as she revealed the long bamboo cane she had struck me with. "I said REPEAT AFTER ME. Not 'say something along these lines'. Such a shame. You've got the accent really well." I rubbed my back and glared at her silently. "You've got to be more charming." she continued, pushing my chin up with the cane and grinning. "Try to imagine you are talking to a beautiful girl."

I grinned as she turned her back to me and decided I would do as she wanted. And use my own skills to manipulate the situation.

"Good evening young lady" I began, taking her by the hand and brushing it with my lips, pausing before looking into her eyes. "How has the day treated your beautiful presence?" she looked momentarily taken aback, but seemed to snap out of it relatively quickly. In fact, she seemed to snap into a completely different character. "I am glad to tell you that my day so far has indeed been most enjoyable. Yourself?" she replied, dropping the cane and smiling at me with great interest. I smiled back and began walking in a circle around her. "Well, I'm afraid that my father's business is currently pulling up out of a nose-dive. So I've been rather busy helping out in the office." I replied as she engaged in my circle. "But it was worth coming out tonight to see you smile" I added with a wink.

We were now similar to two lions, sizing up the opposition before our fight. "Wrong. You never give away a business detail." she announced suddenly, slamming her foot down next to mine. I nodded in understanding and placed my foot still closer to hers. "Well, father has been teaching me the ropes of the business, so I've been in the offices a lot. But coming to the party was worth seeing you smile..." she giggled slightly and smiled approvingly at my improvement, and tried to take a step back. I however, wasn't finished.

I slid my hand around her waist and pulled her closer into me. "So about our engagement Miss Dartworth. I think that our families would both be happiest with a summer wedding, don't you agree?" she raised an eyebrow and thought hard about her response. She then placed her hands on my shoulders and placed her head in my chest. "Actually, my mother was planning on a winter ceremony darling. I hope that won't be a problem."  I smiled and looked down at her cocoa brown hair. "Anything you want sweet-heart..." I whispered into her ear. If she was going to play properly, I guess we were just going to see who chickened out first. 

"Tell me darling" she began after a minute of having her head buried in my chest "Do you dance?"
I took a step back and looked into her twinkling brown eyes. "Well, as my dance teacher; you tell me!" I laughed, taking her by the hand and allowing her to guide my feet around the courtyard. I don’t know why or how, but I was actually enjoying myself. "One of these days you're going to have to lead!" she laughed as I span her around. "Then show me how!" I called back to her.

I didn't know what was happening. She didn't seem like the same girl who was beating the crap out of me earlier. She was acting like the perfect, well-mannered, graceful child she was hired to protect only with a more natural smile and a sparkle in her eye. 

"I think we're done for today" she proclaimed, interrupting my train of thought as she stepped back into the middle of the courtyard. "I've got a job to go to, so try not to get beaten up before tomorrow!" I stared after her as she ran silently back into the building.

 I shook my head and walked myself after her. When I reached the door, I heard her voice call my name again, so I stopped and waited for her. "Hey July!" she shouted; running straight into me and nearly falling over. I caught her mid-fall and noticed she was bright pink. "Umm... Just stay away from Angie... She's out to get you..." she muttered quietly as she scampered off again.

It was then that I decided to stick close to June. She was interesting, and I needed someone interesting to keep me sane whilst helping Ups.

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