Innocent Blood

June is 15. She doesn't have a family, or any life to be proud of.

July is 16. He doesn't have a family, or any life to be proud of.

These two young adolescents are part of a society that is falling apart around them. They are 'Innocents".


6. A Day Without June

As I saw June leave the building for her job with another Shadow, I couldn't help but wonder what the hell I was to do with the rest of my day. I hadn't had a free day to myself in months.

I decided to go and see if Angie was free. After-all, she was the only person in the building who knew who I was apart from June. As I walked along the corridors in search of her, I got stopped in my tracks by a blonde boy with electric blue eyes. "Who're you?" he asked me bluntly. I looked him up and down and leaned on the wall beside me. He looked about 3. "So? Are you going to tell me who you are?" he asked again, walking closer towards me with an air of pride.

I smirked and wiped my hair back with my hand before taking my time to answer. Squatting down at his height. "My name's July. And who might you be?" He stared at me with those astoundingly blue eyes as if I had offended him. "Jasper Edwards." he replied, sounding astonishingly old for his age. "That sounds like the name of an Up. Is that the kid you shadow for?" I asked him and he took a step backwards and looked my up and down. "No. I don't shadow anyone at the moment. My case pulled out of the program." I thought back through all of the Ups I had previously encountered. I had definitely heard the name Edwards before... "Who's your mum?" I asked him bluntly.

He looked momentarily taken aback, before looking at me in disgust. "My mother is Larretta Edwards. But she abandoned me and left me here when I was a baby. Something about me not being my fathers son." I froze and stared at him. "What did she look like?" I asked him. He shrugged and shook his head. "Oh right, you were a baby... Doesn't matter then." I figured that he wouldn't know anything about his family. And he seemed a decent kid. So I wasn't going to tell him anything he didn't want to know. "You're a weird kid..." Jasper muttered, "What class are you in?". I shrugged and looked at him blankly; "Didn't even know we had classes. I only got here yesterday, and I had a job." Jasper seemed to get a little agitated when he found out I had a job and he didn't. His fists tightened and he scowled. "I think there are spare seats in B12. You should find someone to show you there." he decided before walking into a room and closing the door behind him. The door was spray painted with some graffiti reading; 'E15' I walked along the corridor and saw the rooms 'D14' and 'F16' either side of the one Jasper had walked through. I took note of the order things seemed to follow, so walked down the corridor until I reached B12. I guess this would be a way to kill some time.

"Hi there, my name's Clara!" as soon as I walked into the room, a tall girl with black hair and blonde streaks walked up to me. She was extremely attractive. Her lips were plump and coloured with a deep scarlet lipstick. She was thin and the stereotypical hourglass figure. "Cat got your tongue?" she asked me with a ringing laugh. I grinned and shook my head; "No, but maybe you'd like it instead" I suggested, winking and her and flicking my hair from my eyes. Although I has been joking, I did not expect her to do anything in reaction. Let alone press her lips against mine. I pulled away and stared at her; "Well, if you're going to offer it, I'm not going to refuse a face as good looking as yours."

What the hell was this girl snorting to come up with a line like that? "Are you that new July kid?" she asked, arching her back and sticking her chest out. "Yeah... I am... You like this to all the guys then?" I asked her, taking a seat at the back of the room and watching her as she sat up on my desk. "Well, only if they're as cute as you. And there aren't many guys as cute as you around here!" she laughed again, winking at me and leaning close. "So, where have you been July? I heard you arrived yesterday." she changed the subject as I moved my chair back and crossed my arms. I smiled as I thought back at my lesson with June. "I had a job, and then I had some tutoring on the basics." I replied to her quietly. She raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow and plastered a smile on her face; "Who was lucky enough to tutor you?" she asked, barely disguising the jealousy she was feeling. "Girl called June. Don't know her last name." I informed her promptly.

The reaction Clara gave me just screamed the dislike she held for June. "The kid doesn't have a last name. She just appeared one day and decided she needed my Up."

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