The Black Rabbit

Schools here are different.There are no student councils; just 7 students called 'characters'. These 7 students take form of the lead characters from a children's story book, and take lead in the school. Lately however, there have been some questions as to whether the extra-power given to the character students is safe. Especially in Wonderland Academy.


2. The Issue

Miles walked me out of the office with an air or fulfillment. "Hey guys!" Jamie called as he ran down the corridor towards us. "Don't trip!" I shouted, as he tripped over his ridiculously baggy coat. As soon as the words left my mouth, a small line of text appeared in front of me. "Oh my god Ellie! It's working again!" Miles shouted as I picked up the text and threw it towards the teetering Jamie; as the ink sunk into his feet and stabilized his center of gravity. I turned and was knocked off my own feet as Miles hugged me tightly in celebration. "Okay!" I shouted as the school bell rang shrilly, "Miles, your crushing me." I informed him through gritted teeth. "Sorry!" he replied, jumping up and pulling me up with him. I looked at his scared little face and scratched his head. "You're such a kitten..." I muttered with a smile as he grinned and licked his lips. By this time, Jamie had made his way safely towards us. "Ready to go to the dorms?" he asked us as Miles picked him up and put him on his shoulders. "Yeah I guess" I shrugged, grinning at how Miles looked like a dad before following them out of the building and towards the numerous dormitory buildings to the east of the school grounds. The first day back at school is extremely short for a couple of reasons; first years need to be assessed for powers and sorted into suits. And Borders need to unpack their belongings and make sure everything has been supplied. 

"Nice outfit Ellie!" Leo announced as we met with him outside the Council Character dorms. "Does this mean what I think it does?" he picked me up and stared  into my eyes as yet another girl swooned behind him. "Your eyes are starting to turn pink... So you're the rabbit" he decided, putting me on his shoulders and turning to face Miles; "Well, we'll be going to our dormitory now guys, see you at breakfast!" he announced, walking me towards the door.  "WAIT A SECOND!" I shouted in his ear. He sighed and handed me a letter; "Dearest Leo, will you please inform the white rabbit that you two will be sharing a dormitory temporarily whilst the new room is renovated. Yours faithfully, the White Queen." I groaned as I read the last line. "And I suppose this isn't available for inquiry because of the White Queen's status?" Miles asked as Jamie handed him the letter. Jamie nodded and they both looked at me as if they were mourning my loss. "What exactly do you guys think i'm going to do to her?" Leo chuckled as he opened the door to the dormitory again and walked through. "Don't worry guys, I won't let him do anything to me..." I called back through the doors as they closed with a bang. "We have some boundaries to discuss Leo..." 

It wasn't until we reached the door to our room that Leo put me back down. "Room 12A" he read aloud as I straightened my waistcoat. "Good to know..." I muttered, walking past him and opening the door with a clunk of the heavy lock. I heard Leo walk in after me and close the door quietly. "So, shall I meet you in bed?" he asked me, winking the wink that would melt every-other girls heart. I slapped him playfully around the face and shook my head. "Leo, you are going to treat me as if I were male. You are not going to be getting anything from me. Ever." he looked at me with his big blue eyes; "Fine. I will treat you like a guy." he announced definatly. I stared at him hard for a few minutes, before turning on my heels and heading to the bathroom. He was planning something. I just didn't know what.

"Before you go to sleep Ellie. You should bear in mind the change you are going to be going through tonight." Leo called into me from inside the bathroom as I put on my pyjamas. "I don't suggest you wear your favourite pyjamas either you know. Don't rabbits have tails?" I groaned and pulled the bottoms off again and pulled out a pair with the pre-cut hole in the rear. "Right then." he called out, opening the bathroom door and striding across the room to stand opposite me beside his own bed. "Leo..." I growled as he stretched upwards and down to touch his toes, "Why are you naked?" he grinned before answering. "Because us guys don't care about being naked in front of one another." I was about to throw one of my books somewhere where it would have caused him intense pain. However, someone was sat where my books had formerly been. "Now now Ellie, what have I told you about hitting him there?" I scowled as Miles jumped off my book case and threw a pair of boxers at Leo. "You left the bathroom window open, so I let myself in..." he explained as he sat on my bed cross-leggedly. "So who are you dorming with Miles?" Leo asked him as he lay back on his own bed; "Good old queenie." he sighed, lying down on my bed and grinning at me. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "As in the red queen? You're bunking with the red queen?" Miles asked him to re-affirm. Leo pulled me back to lie next to him before nodding again and hugging me tightly. "Can I sleep here tonight? She doesn't want me molting on her sheets." he explained, purring slightly and breathing warm breath onto my neck. It was weird how much he was like a gigantic cat when he was tired. "Okay, but just tonight..." I muttered, turning off the lights and smiling to myself.


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