The Black Rabbit

Schools here are different.There are no student councils; just 7 students called 'characters'. These 7 students take form of the lead characters from a children's story book, and take lead in the school. Lately however, there have been some questions as to whether the extra-power given to the character students is safe. Especially in Wonderland Academy.


3. The Change

I awoke early the following morning and discovered that Miles' tail was tickling my nose. I also noticed that Leo was lying the other side of me in bed; so I was trapped between the two boys. "Crap..." I muttered, smiling to myself slightly as I lay back in the warm cocoon of sheets and friends. "I hope you're dressed Leo..." Miles muttered over my head as I closed my eyes again; "Yeah, don't worry. Even I'm not that courageous around Ellie..." Leo replied in a sleepy voice. I felt Miles' body roll off the bed and heard the dormitory door open quietly. "See you at breakfast, don't tease her about those things Leo." I heard Leo snort quietly as he also got out of my bed and returned to his own. "Wake-up sleepy head!" he called out to me as I sat up and yawned. As I sat, I realised something was stuck where my spine normally connected with my coxes. "Noticed the tail then?" he sniggered, taking a sip of coffee from a mug to hide his grin from me. I scowled at him and got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I was expecting a change, but as I looked into the mirror in front of me, I will admit I had to stop myself from screaming. My hair was an almost flawless white. My skin was completely clear, and I had a faint line of rosy pink blush upon my cheeks. I blinked and stared at the mirror even harder; I was used to a pair of browny-green eyes looking back at me. Not the dark red ones that were gazing back. "Hey, take your hair down!" Leo prompted, pulling the hair-tie out of my hair and releasing a cascade of white curls to fall down to my shoulders. "Aren't they adorable?" he asked, stroking the white rabbit ears that were protruding from the top of my skull. I didn't answer him, but instead stared intently at my reflection. I had seen Miles gain tail and ears for 5 years. I had never however, expected the same thing to happen to me. "There is some stuff here sent by the Red Queen Ellie!" Leo shouted as he walked back out of the bathroom. I followed him and found a crate full of gloves, fans, waistcoats and other items of clothing. I picked up a pair of the gloves and slipped them over my hands. "Right then. Let's go and show everyone the new Bunny!" Leo decided, throwing some clothes at me and pushing me into the bathroom to get changed. 

As Leo paraded me towards the school, I remembered that he too also went through a change as we entered the school; "How's the hand Leo?" I asked him as he straightened his military style blazer and clenched the fist of his singularly gloved hand. "Not too shabby, little bit stiff if anything" he muttered, grasping a nearby tree and snapping a 6 inch bough off with ease. "Seems to be working just fine!" I grinned as he awkwardly placed the bough beside the tree and walked on. "I wonder how this character affects my powers..." I thought out loud as Jamie and Miles spotted us and ran up to greet us. "ELLIE!" Jamie shouted in my ear as I hugged him "I know all about the White Rabbit if you wanna here it!" I looked over his over-sized top-hat at Miles, who looked at me with a pair of bright green eyes and nodded. "Alright then Jamie, let's hear it!" I told him as he pulled out a role of parchment that was longer than himself and began to read aloud:

"The White Rabbit character not only possesses their original power, but also takes on several new powers. These powers grow as the character advances in knowledge of the people around them. The powers acquired are as follows;  The White rabbit will be able to: pause time for an amount of time depending on the urgency of situation using the pocket watch supplied. Unlock doors unless they possess a charm or enchantment restricting use of magic. Use their gloves to change the size of an object or person for limited amount of time. And their during battle, their fan is able to become a weapon." as he finished, everyone else exhaled heavily and stared at me. That was quite a lot of power. I could alter time. "Well, let's hope your 'knowledge of people' grows so that power is put to good use!" Leo laughed as Jamie blinked and grinned broadly. "Hey Jamie, what about us? Do we get any cool new powers this year?" Miles asked, leaning over Jamie's shoulder to read the parchment. "Let me see..." Jamie muttered, scanning the paper intently. "Ah here you are! It says that the Chesire Cat will be able to teleport, and charm those around them. Your weapon is the set of concealed blades, you can shape-shift , and you have all the senses and gifts of a cat." Miles' ears dropped slightly as no new powers were read out for him. "And Leo, it says the Knave of Hearts will also be able to charm others, you have very quick reflexes, are extremely strong. You use a sword in battle, and can turn invisible." Leo grinned and scratched Miles' head as his regular abilities were recited by the small, Scottish, ginger teenager. "What about Doormouse?" Leo asked as Miles hissed at the name. "Umm... She's pretty much the same... Just a little bit stronger..." Jamie admitted quietly as Leo swore under his breath. "Oh well! We're going to be late for the council meeting!" I announced as I glanced at my antique silver pocket watch. This could turn out to be an interesting year for me.


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