The Black Rabbit

Schools here are different.There are no student councils; just 7 students called 'characters'. These 7 students take form of the lead characters from a children's story book, and take lead in the school. Lately however, there have been some questions as to whether the extra-power given to the character students is safe. Especially in Wonderland Academy.


1. The Return


I slammed my pen down and screwed up yet another sheet of parchment.  “Do me a favour” a voice from behind me muttered “Remember to leave the window open for me!". I spun around on my stool and opened the window with a click. “You there?” I called into the empty room, returning to my desk and poising the pen yet again. “Yeah, but... Well, not who you think...” I spun round and head-butted the air. “OUCH!” there was a dull thud and a tall skinny boy appeared on my floor; he had curly blonde hair and dark brown eyes. “I told you to stay out of my room” I snarled, picking up a paper weight and taking aim at his crotch.  “WOAH CALM DOWN!” he yelled, disappearing into thin air again. “I had to make sure you are okay, you’ve been in here for a week” I felt my hair lifting and warm breath on my neck. ‘SLAP’ “For fucks sake Leo! When will you realise I think you are pathetic and perverted?” I stared at him and slapped him again as his line of vision drifted down my chest; “Well I guess it would help if you were wearing clothes...” I froze and looked down. They towel I had been wearing at my desk had slipped and I was stood naked in the middle of my room. “fuck!” I shouted, diving into the bathroom and pulling on some clothes. “Why else did you come in? You could perv on me through the window..." I realised I had let him in voluntarily, so continued; "Speaking of which, where’s Miles?” Leo sighed and walked over to the desk, picking up my papers and flicking through the pages of writing. “He is taking the twins to pre-school” I sighed and immerged from the bathroom in dungarees and a vest top.  “Nice bra...” Leo smirked, picking the underwear up from my floor and dangling in front of his face. I snatched it from his hands and spun to face the window again as another voice chuckled with laughter; “Showing your underwear off to the world again Ellie?” I felt my cheeks burn as the even taller, brunette figure jumped into my room from the window sill. “So are you ready to go back to the academy?” he asked, taking the bra and catapulting it across the room. I grimaced and looked over the corner of my room, where there lay an open envelope. “I guess so...” I looked at my hands and clicked. A blue smear appeared on the tips of my forefingers. “Let’s go then!” Leo yelled, as Miles grinned, showing his small fangs. I smiled reluctantly and stuffed all the papers from my desk into my bag. It was going to be a long year.

“Well, we’re here...” I muttered, as we reached the gates to the school. “IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT!” Leo shouted, attempting to hug me before I punched him in the face. “Well, I say we made the right decision, coming back” Miles sighed, flicking his hair out of his face and grinning mischievously. “Only because Leo is the school’s playboy, you are the mysterious guy and together you make the wonderland princes.” I muttered, striding through the gates and pulling them both with me; “We are only princes because of you Ellie” Leo said in a regally mocking voice; bowing down to kiss my hand. “As much as you hate it here, you make it much worse by hanging around with us you know” Miles added, blinking his big lamp like eyes and licking his lips slyly. I looked at them both; The Knave of hearts and the Cheshire cat characters. Nearly every magic-based school in the country now uses this character system to sort through students. In Wonderland Academy, the council characters are; The Knave, the Chesire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad March Hare, the Mad Hatter, the Doormouse, and the White Rabbit. Our closest schools are Fairy-Tale Private and The Little Woman Institute.  As for me, my magic is unique. I can use my writing to summon weapons and control the actions of 'dolls'. Every teacher in the academy seems to think I have something special to give, and every student is waiting for me to take a character role. As a result, every year I spend at this school is a disappointment to those surrounding me. Except Leo and Miles.  We had only been in school for 10 minutes and I was groaning again as yet another girl swooned as Leo walked past her. “Not going back for her Knave?” Miles asked him coolly, his pupils widening and yawing widely. “Who?” Leo replied, turning his head to look at the girl. “That was Claressa Jones. First year. Showing minor evidence of levitating skills!!!!!!” another voice behind us yelled; “Hello Hatter!” Miles muttered, ruffling his own hair sleepily and staring wide eyed as the short (yet manic) figure of Jamie jumped up and down and hugged us all around the waist tightly. “SMILE ELLIE!” he shouted, pushing the corners of my mouth up with his pale fingers and grinning beneath his gigantic bowler hat. Jamie was chased after as much as Miles and Leo at school. His cuteness factor was off the scale besides him being a 17 year old like the rest of us. “What time is it?” he asked; scratching his nose and staring at me with big blue eyes from behind his bright orange mop of hair. “You need to learn to tell it yourself someday Hatter!” Miles muttered, scratching his cheek and ruffling mine and Jamies hair as we proceeded to our tutor room. 


“Ah, Knave! Chess! Hatter! And Ellie! How good to see you all again!” our tutor cried in joy at the sight of us. He was a short, plump man some days, but sometimes he appeared as a young flamboyant gentleman.  A bit like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. He was a great man. If a little fond of riddles. We took our usual seats in the back of the class, and the usual flock of what we called ‘cards’ surrounded us. (Cards is the term for a student without a main character) “So Ellie, you been given a character position yet?” one of them asked, leaning onto my desk in earnest. “Not yet, but she has an appointment with Mad March and her Majesty first period.” Miles interrupted. I looked at him in confusion and he grinned mischievously at me before carrying on; “They wanted to have a word with you about a possible character Ellie... Sorry if I forgot to mention...” I flicked his nose but couldn’t help grinning as he picked me up and carried me through the door as the school bell rang shrilly.

The Queen of hearts was sat upon her desk in her office. She loved this office. Every inch of it was painted black, white, or red. Her neatly curled black hair clung close to her snow white skin, her piercing blue eyes staring at the door; in great contrast to the room man sat at his own desk outside her office. He wore a very shabby jacket and his desk was filled with coffee cups and paper plates. His brown hair was messy and gave Mad March a permanent look of surprise. He jumped up as his own door clicked open and myself and Miles sauntered in sheepishly; “MILES! ELLIE! HOW LOVELY TO SEE YOU! COME COME, SIT SIT! HER MAJESTY WILL BE READY SOON!” I laughed as the manic man leapt around gathering cups and paper, but we had barely found seats before he was shouting at us to get up and enter the finely polished door next to his desk. “Hello Chess darling” the elegant woman sighed as we took seats in front of her desk in silence; she scratched Miles’ head and turned to me; “And how lovely to see you Ellie” she brushed my cheek with her scarlet lips and returned behind her desk. “Anyway, enough pleasantries” (I still don’t recall any pleasantries being exchanged) “I think we have just the character set for you Ellie” she picked an envelope from the desk and dangled it in front of me playfully. I smiled and awaited her narration of the letter;

“Miss Ellie James, After intensely studying your school records and magical repertoire, we have made contact with the Wonderland Academy Board of governors. It is our recommendation that you take the role of the White Rabbit. We understand this role is normally taken by male candidates, however, your skills far surpass those other applicants. Yours Confidently”

The Queen of hearts finished reading and smiled kindly at me. “So do you accept? You will be given more power. More attention. More responsibility.” I stared into her eyes and nodded stiffly. “Excellent!” she squealed, clapping her hands together and summoning Mad March into the room. “Here are your tools Miss White...” he murmured, handing me a pair of white kid gloves, a fan, and a small golden pocket watch. “And my clothes?” I muttered, looking back up at the Queen as she picked up a rose from the vase on her desk; “They will be waiting in your dormitory. For now these will give you a general idea” she clicked her fingers and Mad March reappeared holding a neatly folded white and grey pinstriped waistcoat. I slipped the thin accessory over my baby pink vest and white jeans. “Suits you” Miles smirked. He was wearing a purple and pink striped top and a pair of dark purple jeans. “So this is it? I just work the normal Character system and await any orders?” the Queen smiled and nodded in confirmation. “Now get along to your lessons, after all, the council president mustn’t endanger your education”.

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