Skater girl

Skater girl -Thats what they all call her- have had a crush on this one guy for eternity. And now only cause he doesn't seem to notice her pathetic ass, she's going out with the hottest guy in town. A guy who every girl is drooling after and couldn't be more wrong for her, also, he's blackmailing her. But she have to date him, how else would she win her crush's love and if she don't, her date will tell her secret for anyone to hear. And she wouldn't want that.

... The song in the video is the one I thought of when I made this Movella, hope you'll like it! :) ...


10. Teaching the teacher

"Wait, no. Like this" He make the Casper in front of my eyes again. And again, he succeed. This shouldn't be this hard. A Casper is just like a Kickflip, with a few moves more maybe. But I'm lerning. I think. Sure I've seen people do the trick hundreds of times, I just haven't tried it yet. Till today anyway.

It's one of those hot days which mean everyone's shirtless. And it's kinda distracting. Espessially when Wes whos trying to lern me how to Casper neither have a shirt on. Just saying, wow. I'm wearing shorts and a top. At least I have more clothes on than every guy at this place. Okey, maybe thats not true. But it's HOT! The sweat was pouring down my back the moment I got out of the house. Why's this so hard? I try the trick again.

"I stil' can't believe you don't know Casper"

"I've just never tried it"

"Can see that"

"Hey! Is that an insult?"

"Maybe" A little smile is playing on his lips. "Maybe not, try again" I roll out and try the trick one more time. And I make it! "Good!" Wes comes up to me. "Now you only have to do it ten times more" He smile teasingly at me.

"By the end of the day It'll flow on like..."

"Hi honey!" Every muscle in my body tense when I hear those words. Honey. And all I can think is: Oh no! Not him again! Is he stalking me or what? And why do he never let me finish my sentanses? It's starting to get annoying "Missed me?"

"Sure" I hiss with my teeth closed. I spin around to look at him. Wont he just leave!? Why's he doing this? Wes was talking to me like a person for one times sake and Luke  just comes in and ruin it. That...

"Have you asked them yet?"

"Asked them what?" Jeff is suddently standing besides Luke. How did he get there? I'm sure he's here because of the non-skater standing at the edge of a stair leading down to where Wes and I are standing. Sure people can watch skaters skate. In distanse. Usually, no one care enough to come close.

"Acctually" I interupt before Luke have the chance to say anything. "You can't come to the skate course Luke, It's a skaters only policy"

"No it's okey" Jeff smiles at Luke. "As long as he's with you" At that moment I do not only want to smash Lukes head against the cement-ground till he start to bleed, I also want to crush Jeff's. Why the hell did he say that for? People are not allowed here. Those who are non-skater are ment to be kept on the outside. I think. Maybe they are allowed here, it is the citys property after all... But Luke shouldn't want to be here. He know that anyone being here non-skater is a total outsider. And who talk to an outsider? No skaters for sure. If it's not to scare them of.

What can I do? I'm gonna have to ask Jeff. Have I maybe mentioned this before?

My. Life. Suck.

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