Skater girl

Skater girl -Thats what they all call her- have had a crush on this one guy for eternity. And now only cause he doesn't seem to notice her pathetic ass, she's going out with the hottest guy in town. A guy who every girl is drooling after and couldn't be more wrong for her, also, he's blackmailing her. But she have to date him, how else would she win her crush's love and if she don't, her date will tell her secret for anyone to hear. And she wouldn't want that.

... The song in the video is the one I thought of when I made this Movella, hope you'll like it! :) ...


8. Skateboarding is a way to clear you'r mind. And mess it up.

The wound on my knees is barely wounds. I know I bleed a lot and this just proves it. I have a tiny wound on my right knee and a even smaller on my left. There's something wrong with my body, I bleed rivers only for those tiny marks.

I take my board who's standing leaning against my bed and run downstairs. My mom's home now. She work irregular shifts in the citys hospital as a nurse. Which kinda is bad. At least when I hurt my self and she want to take care of me. And that happens quite often. Why haven't I switched to my regular trousers by now? I know from the last two falls it's smarter to have trousers with long legs instead of these shorts I'm wearing now.

"Hi honey" Mom smile at me where she's sitting on the couch watching some weird hospital program where everyones always having sex. Yes, I've seen it. Only a few times, when mom made me. Why's everyone calling me Honey?

"Hi mom, I'm going out" I really hope she wont... Oh she did. She look at the clock hanging on the wall in the kitchen. You can see both the kitchen and the livingroom from where I'm standing. And from where mom's sitting you can see the big clock in the kitchen. Unfortunatly. I'm trying to hide my knees under my board.

"At this hour? It's almost eleven. Where you going?" Then she sees the skateboard I'm holding tight against my chest.

"Jeff wanted to meet me down by the park, he promised to get me home" Sorry mom. Wont lie more after this. I Smile little at her. "If it's okey, I really gotta go now!" She stare at the clock again.

"Be home at twelve!" She call after me when I run out the door with my shoes in my hand. I jump up on the skateboard before I even get to take my shoes one. I just want to get away before she changes her mind. It has happened before so  I'm not taking any chances. My bord's flying down the street with me on it and the shoes in my hand. One good thing about skateboards is you never have to stop for red light. Or maybe you do, I just don't. And yea, even if I live in a small town/city whatever its called there are red lights everywhere. And sure they turn green and yellow but I mostly see them red. When I get to the skatepark I roll right in. At this moment I'm glad there are no fences to enclose this place. Although it's surrounded by grass. And everyone knows you can't skate on grass. So to get in I have to take a little detour way. But I do get in. Eventually. Before I even get to the actual course I know theres only older kids playing around now. Doing tricks. No ten yearolds lerning to skate. I can see Terry trying to do a No comply. but I don't see Pedro or Wes anywhere. I slide down to Terry, still on my board.

"Wanna get help doing that?" I smile and wink with my one eye. I sit down a bit from him (on my board(which isn't the most steady thing so to say)) and take my skateshoes on.

"From whom might that be? The winner of todays Skate?"

"HaHa!" I say ironically. "You know I'd won if you weren't bothering me all the time" He laugh and walk to me.

"Wanna try it again?" I pull my self of the ground.

"Nope, but I can teach you how to win" I smile even bigger. I often do when I'm here. This skatepark is like my seacond home. Or first depending on how you see it.

"I don't need any toutoring"

"Suit you'r self!" I step up on my board and roll away to the ramp-side. Sure I know how to do it on this side too. I know most easy things like Swtich pop shove-it and different grindings and slidings. And of course do I know harder things too. But I kind of just like showing of when I'm competing. So therefore I'm doing different rail-sliding today. Only the fun ones. Not like theres any boring ones.

I didn't actually think Jeff would be here. He's not always, just when he feel like it. I wonder what his wife feel like when he's being here all the time.

Well, this time he's calling for me. I walk up some stairs hoping my mom didn't call and check on me. Yes she have Jeff's number. She wanted to know I was safe when I was being here all the time during my younger age. It wouldn't surprise me if she called today just to see I wasn't lying. Which I wasn't. Well, Kind of, I didn't lie about where I was gonna go...

"I have to tell you someting before I tell everyone else" Jeff takes my arm just like Luke did earlier this day. Except Jeff's not holding as tight. I wonder why Miss I'm-skipping-scool was so weird today. Yesterday she was all screaming I hate you for no reason and now she's listening to pop and dying her hair. I don't know which colour yet but I think I can guess. Jeff has dragged me to his little office. Beside the skate course theres a little building made for, Jeff I guess. It has windows with view over the whole skatepark. Quite awsome place actually. He lead me into his office where -Oh my god- Wes is standing. What is happening? Jeff with all his brown hair is standing before me, looking me in my eyes.

"They're shutting down the park" I just stare at him. What did he just say? My mouth can't seem to form words. I can't see his face anymore, it's like I'm staring into outer space. They. Are. Closing. The. Park. My loved skatepark who I grew up in.

"What did you say?" I don't know where the chair came from but I'm suddently sitting on one. I look from Wes to Jeff. Why aren't they doing anything to stop it? They have to keep the park! Why is Wes here?

"They are..."

"I herd you the first time" I put my hand up to stop him from talking. "Why?"

"They think is has an bad influence on the kids growing up here" I snap my head at Wes direction. "They want to make a park for the whole family, not just skaters" He sound just like he's qouting someone else. "They want to build a fountain" He's voice sound like he have never herd something as silly.

"Thats why we need you" I look at Jeff again.

"Need me?" My voice sound squeaky. What do they need me for?

"They think a 'real' park would earn money and do a better income for the city"

"Than our skatepark whos totaly free" Wes fill in.

"So we tried to squeze some knowledge into their small heads saying the skatepark could earn money, how? By entering competitions"

"And winning" Wes fill in again.

"So what do you need me for?" Of some reason I can't think for myself. I know I should be able to figure it out.

"Well..." Jeff scratch his small beard. "For this particular contest are cities competing against eachother. And for entering we need five skaters whos good"

"Am I..."

"Good" Wes is doing his filling in again. "So we want you with"

"But I'm..."

"You'll be fine!" Jeff smile at me. "Think about it, think about this skatepark. You don't wanna lose it right?"

"Hey, thats not fair!" I angry-stare at him. How did this happend? From having one problem -Luke- to having two -Missy I'm-skipping-school- to having three -loosing the skatepark-. The third one is the worst. Cause if we lose the skatepark, I wont be able to skate everytime I'm mad at my sister or Luke, and I wont be able to see Wes all the time. This sucks.

"Come on" Jeff beg. I know He want to keep the park, even though he don't skate himself. "You don't even have to be good, we only need five contestants" Wes sit down on a chair beside me.

"Who else?"

"Dash" Wes say. Dash is a tall guy with similar hair to Terrys. And he's really good. "R.J" R.J is a emo kind of guy with black hair hanging in front of his eyes. I wonder if he even can see. But I understand why they picked him too. I actually don't know his whole name. Just R.J. "Chris" Also a guy. Theres only guys besides me and some little girls just learning. He look kinda like Wes. With short dark hair (not black). But thats just about it. Wes is so much hotter than Chris. Wes have brown eyes while Chris have green... I think. And Chris are always wearing a big T-shirt and the same trousers. I hope he's washing them. Wes on the other hand... I can say it's really sorry for me when it's summer and hot, and half of the guys are skating without shirt. And so, it happens to be summer right now. To bad it's not hot enough for any top less skating. Which I never do. I just go for my shorts instead. "Me" Wes carries on. "And, if you want to, you"

"Do I have any choice?" I sigh. Wes smile at me. He actually smile!

"Course you do" Jeff say. "As long as you chose right" But then my mind finally remember something.

"But, Pedro won over me, why isn't he here instead of me"

"We all know that was just a once in a lifetime thing"

"You'll be fine" Jeff cheer. "Good, now I don't have to tell everyone we're closing the park" he happy-sigh.

"Wait!" I stare at jeff. "I haven't agreed on anything yet!" They're both looking at me. "but ofcourse I'll say yes" I smile at them. Suddently they both seem much happier. What did I just agree on?

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