Skater girl

Skater girl -Thats what they all call her- have had a crush on this one guy for eternity. And now only cause he doesn't seem to notice her pathetic ass, she's going out with the hottest guy in town. A guy who every girl is drooling after and couldn't be more wrong for her, also, he's blackmailing her. But she have to date him, how else would she win her crush's love and if she don't, her date will tell her secret for anyone to hear. And she wouldn't want that.

... The song in the video is the one I thought of when I made this Movella, hope you'll like it! :) ...


9. Please!?

"Oh, you again" Luke is standing by the door with some fancy shoes and fancy jacket. It's summer! Do he own a T-shirt!? Or shorts for that matter.

"Happy to meet you too" He smile at me. Only for my sister is standing right behind me. "Thought I'd pick you up for lunch" Missy I'm-skipping-school sigh behind me.

"I don't know..." I take a step back and bump into my sister. "Get lost!" I turn to her and push her toward the livingrooom. "So so, get away" When I turn back to face Luke his smile is long gone.

"Get you'r shoes, lets go"

"You know what? I have better things to do" I'm about to close the door but he put his foot in my way and open the door again.


"Like practising for..."

"Okey, thats enough. Get in the car" For once I do as he say. I wouldn't want Annie to hear what we're talking about. She might get scared for life. He drive me to a burger place in the heart of the city. After ordering our food we sit down at a table for two. Of course it's the table as far in as you can go. The place where only really romantic couples sit. This is awful. I'm sitting at the romantic table with such a douche. How did this happend?

"Saw you'r sister dyed her hair" he smile at me when a waitress come up to us. "Nice" She deliver our new-made burgers.

"You know nothing bout my sister" I hiss. But yes, she did dye her hair. Blonde. I have absolutely no idea why shes turning into such a.. Annie. I eat my burger like I've never seen food before. I just want to get out of here.

"She's nice" I almost choke on the food I'm scewing.

"My sister!?" I shout a bit to loud. It seems like I'm really good at screaming.

"Yea, who else?" He wrinkle his forhead. It actuallt don't wrinkle that much, but you can see the difference. I wonder if he do botox. Now when I think about it, I wouldn't be surprised if he did. His skin is way to 'tight', like he had clamps straining his skin up.

"You'r mother? I don't know, but my sister's not.. nice"

"Whatever. I think so" Whats wrong with him? I need to change the subjekt.

"Oh yea, I needed to tell you something.." He look suspiciously at me.


"I can't do all this after thursday..."

"Why?" He sound like a little kid who just found out santa doesn't exist.

"It's a skate competition in..."

"You can't go" Now he sound like a strict teacher instead. "I wont let you"

"You can't deside that, it's my life" How come I'm keeping calm? Thats unusual. I hate people telling me what to do. "Besides it's only for thursday, friday and saturday" I smile when the waitress come to pick up our plates. "I'm all you'rs till then" I smile even bigger at him.

"No, wont happend"

"You know what!?" I rase my voice a bit. "I don't have to..."

"I'll go with you"

"What!?" I drop my jaw. "No! You can't come! It's skaters only"

"They'd probably let me go with if you ask. I can bring my own car" I smash my mouth close.

"But I don't want you with" My turn to sound like a wining kid.

"Of course you do, we're a couple now" I seriously want to knock him out right now. With a right hook placed on the right place I'd probably black him out. To bad that waitress are walking around looking at everybody. Otherwise I'd try it. "Carney..." It's all he have to say with that smirky voice.

"Okey! I'll ask" With nothing more to say he drives me home. I believe he only drives me straigt home so I can ask Jeff if Luke can come. I hope he'll fall and brake something the day before so he can't come with. That would probably not stop him though. He'd just get in his car and drive away. Away to torture me some more. Well thats fun.


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