Skater girl

Skater girl -Thats what they all call her- have had a crush on this one guy for eternity. And now only cause he doesn't seem to notice her pathetic ass, she's going out with the hottest guy in town. A guy who every girl is drooling after and couldn't be more wrong for her, also, he's blackmailing her. But she have to date him, how else would she win her crush's love and if she don't, her date will tell her secret for anyone to hear. And she wouldn't want that.

... The song in the video is the one I thought of when I made this Movella, hope you'll like it! :) ...


4. Finally, dating! - Wait a minute...

I have to remind my self several times why I'm doing this. This date is a disaster! Nothing seems to go my way tonight. First of all, he saw my knees bleeding and wondered what happened. And I lied. I can't say I tripped on a dog! According to me someone pushed me. Seacond of all, he ordered for me. I hate when guys do that! Don't we girl have a say in this world!? And thats not the worst bit, after he had ordered some kind of salad for me (Which I hate, it's like eating a tree) we had nothing to talk about. And I mean absolutely nothing! Our conversation went on like:

"You're on the football team"

"yea... I've heard you like skateboarding"

"Oh, yea"

If it weren't for Terry, Pedro and Wes walking past the big window beside our table at that moment I would have just kept my mouth shut the whole night. But ofcourse I couldn't, not when I have a goal to reach.

"So I herd you won the states last year, planning to keep it up?" I smile at him. He look out the window at the same direction I was just looking at. He smile back at me and put his hand over mine who is lying on the table. My hand jerk a little bit of  discomfort but I try not to show it. I stare at him, what is he doing? I look out the window again. No Wes. This time I jerk my hand away from his.

"What tha hell are you doing!?" I don't let him answer. The chair make a wining sound when I push it back and stand up. "Do you think..."

"So you have the hots for Carney?" I stare at him. Everybody's calling Wes Carney. Cause, daah! It's his last name.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about" I stutter. Is it that obvoius? The guy smiles one of his evil-planes smile.

"Cut the crap. You know wery well what I'm talking bout" Lying has never been my strong side. I fall down back on the chair.

"What do you want?" How did this happend? One minute I was making Wes jealous (And I'm pretty sure it was working) only for the next being blackmailed. Sort of anyways. I know he haven't said anything yet but I know he will.

"you" Simply as that. My mouth falls open.

"What!?" I exclaim. "Why?" He lean him self over the table.

"You see, me and my 'friends' made a small bet. They didn't think I could make it a date with you, even less be together so" Thats how he want me.

"For how long?"

"A week"

"A week!?" I shrie.


"Just to make it clear, you'r telling Wes if I don't go out with you right?" He leans back in his chair.

"Yep" I sigh.

"Why me?" I take up a napkin and start folding it.

"Cuz you never go on dates" Thats true. Sure I get invited, but I don't often say yes. I stare at the napkin. Do I have any choice? If he tells Wes my life is ruined. With ruined I mean Totaly Ruined, not like my sister have already destroyed it. it will get worse. I hate this.

"I am now aren't I?" I look up at him. "If you can call this a date, I call it blackmailing" I know how angry my voice sound. He just laugh at me. He Laugh At Me! This time the chair behind me falls to the ground when I jump up. I plan to say something to him but instead I just run out of the resturant. My life sucks! Outside I lean against the brick wall. It only takes a few minutes for him to come out. His evil-blue eyes focusing on me. Still, do I have any choice? It's just for a week.

I hate giving up this easy.

"I wont kiss you" Annoyance grows in my voice. He laugh one of those I-win-you-loose kind of laughs. I knew he was evil.

"How else can I convince my friends I've got you?"

"Oh, from here it looks like you already have" Not in a good way. So in that way I kind of also agreed that he maybe sort of also kan kiss me. I Hate my Life!

"Can I drive you home?" He smile at me. He takes my arm in a steady grip and refuse to let go before I'm sitting in his Range rover. I know I can fight but football players are apparently strong. I am so lerning Judo after this. He drives me home.

"You might need to lern some acting skills, you didn't seem so happy seeing me today"

I don't answer him. Instead I just jump out of the car and march all my way to the front door. I didn't even remember to ask for his name. Not that it matters now.

While in my room I can't help screaming. I trow all my dirty clothes lying on the floor into the wall next to the door in my room screaming as loud as Missy I'm-skipping-school did earlier today. This sucks!

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