Titanic: Sunken Dreams

Miss Georgette Alexandra Madill and her companion Miss Ruth Taussig have already lived and survived the disaster, but now it's time for the truth. Based on a real survivor. Aimed at EVERYONEWHOKNOWSABOUTTITANIC-EVERYONEWHOLOVESTITANIC years old!


2. Softly Weeping

It was the night before the launch, and no matter how hard I tried, sleep would not overcome me. I was forced to stare at the blank walls of my bedroom, waiting for something exciting to come along and give me a boost of energy.                 It was hours later, when I was about to switch on the light, when a very sleepy looking Isabel stumbled out of my mothers room, making a beeline for her bedroom. I hid in my room, looking through the small crack between the door and its hinges. She rubbed her eyes as she walked, straightening her nightgown before opening the creaky door and laying down on her bed while softly weeping. It was then I had realized that I was going to miss her dearly. I hopped out of bed, steeping on the sequence of panels that were the least noisy, and made my way on to the landing and over to her bedroom. I stopped  with a start. The telephone was ringing. The telephone hardly ever rang. I stayed on the landing to listen in to this conversation. Our telephone couldn't conceal much, as it was quite loud, so I was able to hear everything from both ends of the line. This had to be interesting. I took a seat on the quietest plank I could find and waited for someone to answer. "Hello", my father said, obviously as intrigued as me.

"Hello", said John's soft voice back. "I am calling at this hour because I did not want Georgette to hear this conversation.I love your daughter, as you know, and i have a very important question to ask you. May I ask for your daughter's hand in marriage?"

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