Gone too far {Bullying comp}

An old grudge gone too far, a girl pushed over the line.
Suicide attempt and guilt


3. Darcie explaines

Well yeah, it all started in third grade at my party really. I didn't really talk with her before then and we were okay friends. But before then Nea and i were best friends, and at that party Veraline just pushed me away like nothing to be Nea best friend. If you look close enough at the best friend picture of Nea and Veraline, you can see my elbow in the side. I got so mad at Veraline i swore to myself she would never be happy in her entire life.

So i started to pick on her, i knew i was mean but in my head she deserved it. 

I kept picking on her as much as i could, funny enough i became the most popular and everyone started to do the same as me. 

Much later on, i noticed Veraline had a facebook, and she was friends with many people, more than me! 

I read her poem and to be honest i really liked it, but i wasn't going to say that so i just wrote it was bad and she was a looser. But when i read her replie, it really hurt me because i know i'm not the brightest ever and so does every one else. 

So i planned for weeks on how to get my revenge.

Finally i came up with the perfect plan. I went on facebook and i was Rodger. I found her and asked her too be friends. I told her i liked her poems and pictures, that i was in love with her and i created fake personal stuff to share with her. I waited will i thought she had given me enough personal stuff so i could put it out to every one i could find. 

That's when i to top it off wrote she had given me aids. 

When she didn't come to school for a while i became nervous.

That's when i later found out you had tried to commit suicide and that you where a hospital getting better from an overdose. 

I deleted my profile and panicked when i got the call i was invited to this meeting.

I'm sorry Veraline, i went way too far! I never wanted you to get so miserable! 

But online it just doesn't seem real, i doesn't feel like your hurting someone else because your not saying it face to face.

I am so sorry Veraline. I know you might not forgive me, but i am so sorry and i feel horrible about everything!!

Please, please forgive me?

I am so sorry!! 

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