Gone too far {Bullying comp}

An old grudge gone too far, a girl pushed over the line.
Suicide attempt and guilt


1. Veraline explaines

Okay well it all started out from kindergarden actually. Darcie always had the boys, coolest clothes and everything she pointed at. I didn't have anything against her at the time, and you could say we were okay friends. The years went by and still nothing changed in that relationship, until i became third grade. It was her birthday and we were all invited to her house. That's where me and Nea became best friends. I still have the foto my mom took of us in front of Darcie's staircase. 

Since that party i don't what happened but now here in highschool, we became mortal enemies. Every day she would pick on me and it never stopped, Nea became a victim too. 

Well one day me and Nea were at my place, and Nea convinced me that i needed to get a facebook account. She convinced me pretty good and i made one. The first few days of having facebook went good, because i was only friends with Nea. But soon after soon, others from school send me friend requests. I felt sort of happy, that others wanted to be my friend. So i accepted them all. 

But i didn't realize i had accepted Darcie too, and later on she commented on one of the poems i had put on my wall. I remember clearly what she wrote. 

This poem sucks loser,

Get off facebook so others can enjoy something you don't ruin!

That hurt deep, because i wanted to be a writer so bad. Nea told me again and again that commenting back would just make it worse, but i was just so filled with anger i coulden't really help it. So i replied:

Get lost moron! The only reason you don't understand it is because your to stupid to know how to even read!t

Now everyone knows Darcie is not the brightest, so i knew that would hurt her deep too. I only slept good one night because of that, the rest i was up for hours of just pure guilt. In school she didn't even talk to me. As if i had died to her, and she didn't care. 

A few days later, i got a friend request from a really hot guy named Rodger. I accepted and after some weeks it was going really well and i started to fall in love. I told him personal stuff and he swore he wouldn't tell a soul about what i had told him. I felt happy, to good to be true infact.

But a week later, Nea came to my house unexpectedly. She said i had to log on facebook. When i went on. Rodger had written all the personal things i had said to every one. Put them on his wall and said i had given him aids.

I felt like my life was over, and i coulden't go anywhere. THe perfect guy had betrayed me, and worse Darcie sent everything furthur to everyone. The entire school was calling me a whore, and other names really horrible.  

I coulden't handle it anymore. It was just too much to bear. I went out to my mothers cabinet and grabbed her sleeping pills. I sat down in the bathtub and took the all at once. 

But Nea was on her way when i did it and found me just in time. If she hadn't taken me to the hospital i would have died. 

When i got revived my mother called Darcie's mother and the school principal, and here we are. 

That was the short version of what happened to me...


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