Sad and Happy times

i have many sad and happy times in my life, it makes me feel better if i write about them and share them with people so they understand because if i don't tell anyone they probably think im just depressed and nothing wrong when there actaully is.


1. Sad and Happy times


Life is like a box of chocolates, some are milk chocolate and some are dark chocolate. Well in life we have sad and happy times. There have been many memories created in my life so far, A happy time for me was when my baby niece was born on the 20th October she was a little angel. She was born at Wrexham hospital. I have always wanted to be an uncle so I could treat her like a little sister. It was also a sad time for me because seeing my sister ill and leaving her on her own was heart breaking, I just wanted to cry. That lump appeared in my throat, I just couldn't wait till she came home.

Another happy time in my life was when I started work on the 17th March, I was so glad because it means I can achieve some extra money. I wanted to get some extra money so I can treat my family. I never thought I would get a job until that day. I enjoy my job because its fun and all the old ladies have a chat with you, I work in a cash box or giving change out on the bingo.

A sad time for me was when my great grandad died, I knew he was ill because on the 9th March my mum was phoning my nan late, she never does that . The next minute I heard my mum crying to my dad about my grandad being ill I thought at the stage he'll pull through. I had that lump in my throat, my heart sunk just seeing my mum that upset. I thought that was the last time ill see my mum cry until early morning on 10th march she started again I didn't know what was up until I over heard my mum whispering to my dad that he died. My mum didn't know that I knew, I went to school that day and all I did was burst into tears!. That was the worst day of my life so far.

Another happy time for me was when I first got my dog, his name is buster and he's 3 years old. He is a boxer. I first got him in year 6 that was a happy time because I have always wanted a dog so I could look after him it was a surprise. I walked into the house to find a little puppy in his bed, I ran and cuddled him for ages.

Another sad time for me was when I lefted my old school in Manchester, I lefted in year 5 I have always wanted to move house into a different area and that day came. I would say it was a happy time as well but leaving my friends and thinking I have to make new friends all again was a puzzle, I didn't think anyone will like me but as soon as I got the first week out of the way everyone started to be my friend and speaking to me, know I look back and think what was all the stress about. I'm glad we have moved know because Manchester is such a rough place, full of crime in that fact. Yeah I don't like school that much but Wales is such a peaceful and safe area, which I love to live in.

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