From zero to Hero

It all started when i got bullied and i was nothing well i felt like i was nothing but i had stuff going on at home, like my mum had Ms and she was really ill she ended up in a home, the social worker got involved and i just wanted to see my mum all better and ready to go like she was but i knew that wasn't gonna happen.


4. Time to say goodbye


After school, I was so excited to see my mum. I ran into the care home, and there she was lying in her bed. The nurses kept saying, “I am so sorry”. I ran up to her and burst into tears. My heart was broken again I couldn't live without her. I am all alone now. They're just going to swan me off into care with nobody I know. I kept saying to myself, “I shouldn't have gone into school today and left my mum on her own she died without saying good bye”. I couldn't live with myself.

Every day from now I kept crying myself to sleep. I had nobody to turn to for help, just some strangers from the care home. I felt like running away a few times but that would just make things worse. Then I'll be on my own. I just don't feel safe any more. Without my family, I am nobody. I'll be back to that boy who had nothing, but I think I had it easier than anybody in this care home. Some of the lads in there were abused in their homes, I felt sorry for them, but at the moment I couldn't think straight. Soon they would talk to me about my mum's funeral. I am not ready for all that stuff. How am I going to afford it all?


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