From zero to Hero

It all started when i got bullied and i was nothing well i felt like i was nothing but i had stuff going on at home, like my mum had Ms and she was really ill she ended up in a home, the social worker got involved and i just wanted to see my mum all better and ready to go like she was but i knew that wasn't gonna happen.


1. Introduction


I am the fourteen year old boy who goes to school every day and comes home in the evening. You would think this is quite normal but what no one knows is that I look after my mum who can't look after herself, so when a normal teenager has to be dragged out of bed, I have to be up at 6 o'clock every morning to get my mum up,washed, dressed and get her breakfast ready before I even get ready. Then I have to get ready and hope she will be fine until I come home at twelve to make her dinner. My mum doesn't want anyone helping as she is very proud she keeps saying to me, “ We can manage can't we?"

    which at first we thought we could manage but then when she couldn't walk and couldn't dress herself. That's when it got hard I woke up at 6 o'clock as usual and got out of bed to check on my mum but when I went in her room to get her awake, she had fallen out of her bed, and she wasn't moving. I was upset shouting “Mum!' mum!' even so, she didn't reply. I knew I had to ring for an ambulance. I dialled emergency services and stuttered, “My mums got ms,” and she has fallen out of her bed, and now she isn't moving. They said to put her on side and wait for them to get here. It felt like forever until they arrived, but they did look after her in the ambulance. I packed her clothes in a bag and slowly walked into the ambulance, but I knew things were getting worse as soon as we went to the hospital.

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