From zero to Hero

It all started when i got bullied and i was nothing well i felt like i was nothing but i had stuff going on at home, like my mum had Ms and she was really ill she ended up in a home, the social worker got involved and i just wanted to see my mum all better and ready to go like she was but i knew that wasn't gonna happen.


3. Checks before home


The doctor came to check on her and said, “ You can go home know your son saved your life!” I felt happy at this stage, but I just wanted my mum to be better, so we could go out and have fun, but that's not going to happen. Everyone thinks I have an easy life, but really I haven't, but when my friends find out I hope they will support me and get me through it. My mum doesn't have long to live, and I am scared because I'll end up in care with no family. The nurse took my mum to the care home to settle her in, and I just burst out into tears, to see my mum struggle like that hurt me so much.

I went back to school the next day. I just needed time to think. I told a few of my friends what had happened, and they felt sorry for me; they apologized for forcing me out. I didn't care as much as they didn't know what was happening at home, as I told a few of my friends, the whole school found out; I went to the assembly like always, but the head teacher shouted me to the front I wondered why, and he gave me a badge. It was a hero badge, and the whole school supported me; I was so pleased that I went in because I couldn't do it without them.

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