From zero to Hero

It all started when i got bullied and i was nothing well i felt like i was nothing but i had stuff going on at home, like my mum had Ms and she was really ill she ended up in a home, the social worker got involved and i just wanted to see my mum all better and ready to go like she was but i knew that wasn't gonna happen.


2. At The Hospital


We got to a &e. She had woken up but by then I was frightened. I held her hand and whispered, “It's ok, Mum. You had a fall”, but she looked scared that they might put me in care, so we decided to lie and say my nan helped and was going to look after me while my mum was in the hospital so that's the story. The doctors arrived in order to check my mum over. She needed an x-ray on her arm and head as we thought her arm was broken. Her head was bruised but MS was getting severe that's when social workers came in to speak to us.

    The social worker was really nice and calmly said, “We know you look after your mum and wow you're doing a brilliant job”, but you need a break. MS can get very serious and at your age. It's too much to take in, so what I am going to do is put your mum in this friendly nice home where you can stay with her and let the doctors look after her. If you hadn't have acted fast and called for help, your mum might be in a critical condition you should be proud as you have helped your mum get through this awful illness.

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