The Bully and The Bullied

We all hate bullies, don't we? But we have never given much thought to WHY exactly they like bullying. No one is born a bully - it's spite, anger, hatred and pain that creates one. *This is my entry for the new competition. I've written this from both the perspectives - the bully and the bullied. Hope you enjoy it.* ^_^


2. That Little Freak - Matt

I saw him get out of the car exactly when the school bus dropped me at the gates. Ah, what perfect timing.

"Oh, look boys," I said loudly, and the guys flanking me on both sides sniggered supportively. "If it isn't our wittle baby Jimmy with his Mommy again - oh, sorry, 'Mummy'. My bad."

If he heard me, he did a good job pretending he didn't. But his pace suddenly became faster, and I noticed he was taking long strides to get away quickly. But how far could those tiny legs of his carry him. We're all bigger, and much stronger. We caught up with him in no time.

"Is wittle Jimmy running away now? Where are your manners kid?" I sneered, but he still didn't acknowledge our presence. So what else, I continued with the joke. "Aw, what would his Mummy say if she found out what a douche-bag her son is?"

He stopped  abruptly. Oh yeah, now we're talking business. "Oh but wait a minute, boys, I forgot she probably already knows what a nut-case this one is. Why else would she be so hell-bent on dropping him to school everyday?"

The guys cracked up. Old Jimmy, however, was probably still too headstrong. Well, that's not my fault. If he isn't going to give in easy, I'm not going to give up easy either. I decided to take a different streak.

"Hey, Jimmy," I put my arm around his shoulder and felt him shudder violently. I laughed. He was such a freak. "I forgot to ask you the other day - where exactly do you get your clothes from? The top designers in the country? My first guess would be from a rag-picker." 

I could hear the guys guffaw behind me and felt poor Jimmy's shoulders tense. He was still walking fast but I was very good at keeping up. "Tell me, kid, is it that your Mummy can't even afford decent clothes for you? You can tell us you know, we'd be glad to make donations." More guffaws. I saw the kid's cheeks redden.

I let go of his shoulders - I was somehow afraid his frail body would buckle under the weight and shatter into smithereens. As funny a scene like that would be to watch, I didn't want to be in trouble for juvenile delinquency for murdering a classmate. No, who wants to murder him? I'd rather watch him die of embarrassment eventually. 

"Oh dear Lord, what a schmuck you are, kid! Can't even bear the weight of my arm on your shoulders? What are you, a feather?" I sniggered. "Is that why your Daddy left you, Jimmy? Must have been embarrassed to have a freak like you for a son, right -"

I felt something cold and clammy hit my face. For a moment, I was astounded. This guy had the guts to hit me? With his little stick-like hand? But he wasn't giving up. He flailed his arms randomly, probably hoping to get me in the right place. But he could have been hitting me with teddy bear, for all the pain it caused. I caught both his wrists and tightened my grip around them.

"You don't dare-"

"Shut up! You can't talk about my father like that!" he shrieked.

I cackled. "You can't talk about my father like that!" I mimicked his silly accent and the guffaws from the audience became louder. I caught his collar and lifted him off his feet briefly. "Look, kid," I growled. "You'd better watch it, alright? If I -"

"What's going on here?"

I hadn't noticed that we had reached the corridor of the school and were standing right outside the classroom. Mr. Cooper, the math teacher, stood at the door, his arms folded, wearing a stern expression. "Matt, James - no fighting here. Get in the classroom right now. All of you."

I let go of his collar reluctantly. He stumbled a bit on the spot, massaging his wrists where I had caught him and staggered into the classroom. For a fleeting moment, he reminded me of someone. Someone I knew so well...someone who used to be like him...someone so familiar...  

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