Today will end in tears.

Today is the cruellest day of the year. Today things will be worse than usual. Today will end in tears.


1. The beginning of the end



Its non-uniform day at my all-girls school, and as I walk through the doors I feel their eyes on me. In a school of stick-thin, spray tanned and platinum blondes, I stick out like a sore thumb. The other girls in my year stare at me, pursing their glossy lips as their heavily lashed eyes scan me up and down. I can tell what they're thinking as they raise their perfectly groomed eyebrows at each other, but even if I couldn’t I would know, because some of them don’t even bother to be discrete. They erupt into peals of laughter, which cuts me like the razor I use each night. After a while, they get bored and they glide past me, but as they do they push me, shove me, pinch me till my eyes fill with tears and I have no choice but to run to the bathroom, before they see, because once they do it will get much, much worse. 


The bathroom has been a home to me for the past three years, since it all started. It’s dark, and cold and forgotten, so I’m always the only one in there, which is perfect. I slide down the wall and curl up into a ball on the damp floor and let go, the tears fall to the floor like hail stones and my eyes sting. But I don’t care, I don’t feel it, I haven’t felt anything in a long time. That’s why I resort to the razor, it’s the only way I stop the numbness that has become my life. I grab my bag and search through it till i find it, secreted in a back pocket; I drag out my shiny, silver razor blade but as I dig it into my flesh, as the blood seeped out of the wound I feel nothing. Pure nothingness. I'm empty. 

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