Today will end in tears.

Today is the cruellest day of the year. Today things will be worse than usual. Today will end in tears.


5. Life in black and white


I stand rooted to the spot, blinking, hoping it will go away. How can there be two of me? What’s happening? Obviously I’m hallucinating; they gave me concussion or something when they kicked me. It can’t be real... can it?

I turn to walk towards the door, I need to clear my aching head, but before I reach it, it is shoved open as three teachers come running in. Time moves slowly then, as if everything is in slow motion. One of them rushes straight through me, as if I’m not even there. 

Gradually I begin to see a little clearer, as my teachers shout for help and stand around, trying to be helpful and failing, I realise that perhaps for once, my dreams have come true. Have I finally left my living nightmare behind? Am I finally free from the constant pain?


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