Today will end in tears.

Today is the cruellest day of the year. Today things will be worse than usual. Today will end in tears.


2. Blood and tears



After a while I realize I cannot hide forever, because no matter how hard I try to be invisible, they always find me. I wipe the blood from my arm, which now resembles a battlefield and dry my eyes. They will know I have been crying from the way my eyes are swollen, red and puffy. I shouldn't have let them get to me, I will pay for this. 


I slowly make my way to the classroom in time for second period and to my absolute horror, it’s a cover lesson, and yet again, we have no teacher to cover the lesson. That means I have no protection. I turn to run but find my door blocked, the girls eyes gleaming and she smirks at me, the shoves me back with her manicured hands and I fall, landing on the floor and all of a sudden I am surrounded by at least ten of them. As its non-uniform day, they are all in stiletto heals and so every time they stamp on me, or kick me it’s like a knife in my chest. 


I close my eyes and bite my lip, trying to let my mind go to somewhere else, anywhere else, so that I can pretend this isn't happening to me. But it doesn't work, I’m trapped in my ugly, useless body, pinned to the floor while I’m they beat me to a bloody pulp. By the time they are finished I am beyond caring, they have kicked me so hard I have no skin on my legs, and the blood that is oozing out of me has already begun to congeal. I noticed that for once, they left my face alone. That's the place they usually love to attack, black eyes, a broken nose once or twice. The problem for them is that you cannot hide the marks on my face, they know I will get excused from games, wear thick tights and hide everything else, but the face is more difficult. I used to have a nose piercing, but they ripped that out the first time they beat me, I still have a scar.

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