Take Me With You

sapphire has meet a strange man with a big blue box .
all her life she has been told that he isnt real but what will happen when he comes back the night before the wedding


2. the room under the stairs

as we went through the last door  looked at me as he looked back into the room .

"were did it come from " he said as he stared at the creature that was in the cage.

"my dad catches them and puts them down her in the base " replied Sapphire. He turned to read the writing on the wall  "Torchwood , Sapphire whats your dads name ".

"well hes not really my dad he rescued me from my home planet , hes names jack , jack harkness"

just then behind them there was the sound of a gun  being loaded they both turned around.

"dad what are you doing home so early" asked Sapphire 

"Sappy who is this and who said he can come down here" said jack as her stared at the strange man with Sapphire.

"you said . you said to always trust your life on the man with the big blue box" replied Sapphire .

jack looked at the man and said,

"Doctor is that you wow you have regenerated , I see you meet Sapphire your not alone" 

the man now named the doctor looked at me the to jack and replied,

"what do you mean im not alone "

jack smiled " well you see 6 years ago i was on my ship when I sound a escape pod that had the mark of gallifrey on the side I took it aboard the ship and opened it to find   a beautiful baby girl rapped in red and gold gallifreyan silk , she is a time lordess"

the doctor turned to Sapphire and looked her in they eye then looked up at jack

"why did you never tell me " he said

jack laughed 

" why would I tell you you would of taken her away from me"

Sapphire fainted as she held the star in her hand.

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