Take Me With You

sapphire has meet a strange man with a big blue box .
all her life she has been told that he isnt real but what will happen when he comes back the night before the wedding


1. The past

monday the 6 th and still counting 12 pm . The sky's are clear there's no one home but me, I sit there staring out of the window. All the planets , stars and places not known of . I sat there then the sky lit up the stars like diamonds , a big ball of fire fell I smiled " heavens above have awnserd my wish a single white point diamond star" . It fell a big blaze of fire I ran out to find not just white point star but a big blue wooden police box , suddenly the big blue police box's doors opened out stepped a man not like others. He had soft brown eyes long curly hair that sat above his ears and a very glittery bow tie. He looked at me as I did him , he smiled at me " Hello! , what is your name young lady" I returned the smile .

"Sapphire Rose and I'm 6 years old , who are you and why are you in my garden ". He replied " long story Sapphire , Sapphire Rose that is a brilliant name and im here for a reason you had something that scared you something that wasn't from this world ". I looked at him

" follow me " I whispered as I lead him to the house and up the stairs to my room , I took a key of my shelf and opened a door under the floors " down here " I said as we went down the stairs I shaking with fear.

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