Take Me With You

sapphire has meet a strange man with a big blue box .
all her life she has been told that he isnt real but what will happen when he comes back the night before the wedding


5. Phone calls

There were hundreds of stars of all different shapes and sizes . They glittered in the night sky.
Just then there was the ringing of a phone.
' you have a phone like people call you ' I asked walking over to him
" well this is a telephone box" He answered
' stranger I thought this was The TARDIS and any way what does that mean.
" tardis T.A.R.D.I.S time and relative dimension in space "
The phone kept ringing,
" Sappy be a darling and answer the phone for me" he said
' hello ' I said into the phone
" Sapphire is me your dad , I just realised make sure your back tomorrow I don't want you missing your own wedding now "
' Dad look I don't think I'm ready yet and anyway we have a time machine I promise you I will be there , ok '
I put the phone down and turned around . The doctor was there it made me jump,
" who was it" he asked.
' it's ok it was just my dad'
The phone rang again,
" now I bet you that isn't your dad this time "
I answered the phone again.
' hello' I said
" hello it's queen cleopatra we need the doctors help send him immediately "
The doctor smiled " who was it "
I was still in shock as I looked up at him
'I just spoke to queen cleopatra and she needs us ' I said
He smoked and danced around the tardis hitting buttons and flicking switches .
The wooshing started again the tardis rocked side to side then we landed .
We ran over to the doors and opened them to find pyramids and lots and lots of sand.
Then we were surrounded by Egyptians that were armed with snake venom darts. We were shoot and fell unconscious .
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