Take Me With You

sapphire has meet a strange man with a big blue box .
all her life she has been told that he isnt real but what will happen when he comes back the night before the wedding


4. Arrival

monday 6th the calendars marked my suit cases are packed , I'm at work in the torchwood hub. I was typing up the chores for Gwen and into when someone ran up behind me and hugged me , my first reaction to pull out my gun from my belt and shoot but this wasn't a normal hug . I looked up to see my fathers face full of emotion i couldn't tell if he was crying because he was happy or crying because he was sad . He saw the confusion in my face .
" it's ok " he whispered " it's time" he kissed the top of my head as the weezing sound filled the room just then landed a big blue 1980s police box. I smiled as I touched my star in my chain , I reached out for the box to rub my hands on its blue wooden surface I smiled as it reacted not shocking me with artron energy it must of recognised me I thought to my self .
Just then the doors swung open and there stood the doctor , my doctor he smiled to me as he put out his hand pulling me into a hug . Father cleared his throat and we both looked up at him I walked away from the doctor and put my arms around my father ' I will call and visit ' I said as he pulled the two cases into the blue box that small blue box that was bigger in the inside it's painting shone with a greeting coral , it's console lit up as if it was happy to see me . I walked round the console examining all little buttons on leavers . I looked at the doctor and ran up to him and gently kissed him on the cheek . He smiled the reached out to my father they hugged and shook hands and he then left the tardis he turned back to look at me .
" i love you goodbye " he whispered then the doors flung themselves closed and the weezing sound happened again I had noticed the doctor had not yet spoke directly to each other yet .
" hello honey " I said as he looked at me he walked towards me and looked into my eyes placing a kiss on my head.
" hello sappy and welcome to space " he said returning the greeting, with a buzz of his sonic the door swung open to show the universe planets stars comments flew past , I smiled knowing this was an adventure not to miss.
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