Take Me With You

sapphire has meet a strange man with a big blue box .
all her life she has been told that he isnt real but what will happen when he comes back the night before the wedding


3. Abilities

Sapphire woke to find jack and the doctor standing over her.
" Sappy , are you ok" whispers jack he helped Sapphire up , Sapphire stood up to meet the gaze of the doctor he then turned to jack.
" did she have anything with her when you found her" asked the doctor looking at jack.
" yes she had a few pieces of gold jewels and some clothing , why ?" replied jack.
" have you noticed Sapphire is standing so close to a weevil it could kill her in seconds and yet it hasn't snapped at her once " Answered the doctor
" I don't know they never have for some reason , I just thought all her abilities was because she was a time lordess " explained jack to the doctor.
" can I say something " added Sapphire " I like the weevils they are intelligent creatures and they should be free so they can go home " the doctor began to stare at Sapphire ,
" if only that was the case , weevils are mean horrible creatures if they go free they will kill everyone and Jack keeping them locked up is just going to make them angry or go mad and what other abilities have you got Sappy " said the doctor looking from father to me .
Sapphire looked at jack he looked at her and said 'yes' answering a question Sapphire turned her attention back to the doctor ,
" I can read minds , see the future , have healing powers and can be able to tell if a person is lying" answered Sapphire .
The Doctor smiled and hugged Sapphire she knew what he had thought the whole time.
" I am happy to see another person from gallifrey to , I was told what had happened , are we the last ones left or are there more out there " said Sapphire .
" I don't know " replied the doctor looking at Sapphire just then there was glow of light from the door they all looked up and ran up the stairs .
" tardis your finished" said the doctor patting his big blue box he looked at Sapphire " Sapphire look at me in 14 years I'm going to come back that is 14 years on this day and I will if your father let's me , show you the universe and everything you have missed because your not old enough now " he smiled at steeped into the box closing the door behind a tear of both joy and upset ran down Sapphires face.
She looked up to see her father also crying ' that brilliant man ' he spoke to him self he put his arm around Sapphire and walked her back home.
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