1. Today

Today I am happy.


It’s a change of pace,

A shift in tone from the

Dull grey monotony of weeks past.


Perhaps it’s the weather.

The late sunshine and the breeze,

Swift yet soft,

Curling around me.


Perhaps it’s the music.

Jazz is the flavour today.

Not the usual anger,

Screaming in my ears.


Or perhaps it’s just me.

For once, and if you could see me

You’d laugh,

I feel pretty.


Oh so pretty.

And witty.

And bright!


The smile crept up on me.

Like a lazy rainbow and,

Before I knew it,

It had stuck.


And you know what?

I’m feeling good.


The future’s shining before me,

Glittering pathways cleared of my mind’s

Sabotaging fog.

Tantalising me with prospects.


And I am running, running, running

Forward, arms outstretched,

Body spilling light and warmth and…

And… Happiness.

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