Running out of Hope

Liana has never fit in school.But once she hits high school her world truns upsiude downs her parents leave her,my friends hate her and she gets bullied.School is never fun but now school seems like hell.She wants to live a easy life but she is running out of Hope.For the both sides of the story-Bullying competition.Please give me support and hit like,favourite and give me comments.


3. My World Collaspes

I walked today at school.Everyone ignored me their faces turned away.I tried my best to pretend everything was alright.I listened to a boy saying"I heard charity case mum was a slut she probably end like her mother".I close my eyes trying to stop my tears falling but i can't tears fall.I look around at the school.I scream and run to the old bridge.I look ahead and could see the water rushing by.I could feel like the water was calling to me.I close my eyes and i see my memories rushing from the first day i was bullied to know.I realise my life isn't worth living.I take a deep breath and jump into the water.I scream but the water rushes towards me and i take my last breath.

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