Running out of Hope

Liana has never fit in school.But once she hits high school her world truns upsiude downs her parents leave her,my friends hate her and she gets bullied.School is never fun but now school seems like hell.She wants to live a easy life but she is running out of Hope.For the both sides of the story-Bullying competition.Please give me support and hit like,favourite and give me comments.


4. 5 years later

(Point of view from the bully)

I stare at the gravestone Liana Smith it read died at the age of 14.It was this day she had died.I come here every year on this day and pray for her.I regret the pain i had caused her i can now feel it must of hurt alot the pain unbearable.Only now 5 years later on i could realise what i had done.I regret the day i ever bullied her and put her life in misery.I didn't mean to hurt her honestly.I just wanted to have power in my hands.But now i that if power destroys someone life i would never want power.Now i have become a therapist who helps people who have been bullied.I close my eyes and a tear falls from my face laying on  the grave.I drop the rose i had bought and lay it on her grave.

"Please god forgive me i will never hurt anybody ever again"I whisper and turn around to go home.

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