Running out of Hope

Liana has never fit in school.But once she hits high school her world truns upsiude downs her parents leave her,my friends hate her and she gets bullied.School is never fun but now school seems like hell.She wants to live a easy life but she is running out of Hope.For the both sides of the story-Bullying competition.Please give me support and hit like,favourite and give me comments.


1. Pain

Life has never been easy for me.Since the day i was born my life has been horrible.But now it feels even more.I used to believe high school was fun but thats before i went to high school.Noone liked me they laughed and called me names.They spat at me and made my life so horrible.If i even tried to tell the teachers they would tell me to stop being a snitch.I had to live in a foster home because my parents ran away when i was born they looked at me and called me ugly do you know how that hurts.The only friend i even had broke up with me.But i don't blame her why would she be friends of me.I haven't even have  enough money to buy regular clothes but instead i wear charity clothes.Do you know what they call me charity case.They said that noone wanted me and loved me and even though i know its not true the pain would scar me inside.I never ever felt happy but for one day i wish noone would hate me and someone would love me.I dream for someone to stop my loneliness.But i know that i don't live in a fantasy world.

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