This is a entry for the Bullying Contest.

When Jeanna wants to get in to the 'Cool' kids group, she has to take a risk, and some of the consequences she's going to regret...


1. Friends?

"JEANNA!'' yelled Rachel from her balcony window, ''Wait up, i'll be down in a minute!"

           Rachel was always the 'energetic' person in this friendship duo, while Jeanna is the more sensible and responsible one (and usual responsible for Rachel's chaotic mistakes); but that's what made them both unique.


As Rachel rushed out of her front door, forgetting her morning breakfast, she quickly climbed upon her lavender-violet scooter, and speeded down the lane to catch up with Jeanna.

"I told you to wait for me, Jens!" cried Rachel, heavily breathing (she wasn't the fittest person in the world, even with her hyper behaviour).

Jeanna slowly and quietly replied, "Sorry, didn't hear you..." At that moment Rachel stopped Jeanna in her path. "Jens, what's up?" Jeanna raised her chin and looked up at Rachel, "Nothin-" "Don't 'nothing' me. What is wrong?," intrupted Rachel, now slightly raising her voice, "and if you don't tell me, I am going to belly-tickle you to death!" A small grin appeared on Jeanna's rosy cheeks. "Try!" she smirked, and budged passed Rachel on her bike. Soon, Rachel followed after her, until the two got towards the school gates. And then they came.

"Oi, look who it is!" the shorter one of the group called out, "It's Fatty Ginger, and her sidekick, Zit Face!" The others laughed, as Rachel and Jeanna tried to think which one of them was Zit Face. Then Rachel stepped foward without even realising, "I 'ave you know, i'm Strawberry Blonde!" Jeanna wasn't into making a scene and slowly, but un-noticably started to leave the area.

"Same thing, love!" shouted the taller girl in the gang, probably the Ring Leader. She stopped leaning against the fence and walked towards Rachel. Rachel was a midget compared to the ring leader, and probably didn't stand a chance.

"And if don't have anything better to do," whispered Rachel to the leader, "go and do us all a favour, and get a life!" Suddenly, the girl grabbed Rachel by her cardigan, and held her fist against Rachel's nose.

"I don't think you know who I am," yelled the 5 foot girl, started to draw in a crowd, "I am Taylor Brown, and NOBODY tells me, or my crew what to do!" And without hesitation, and a mighty good swing, Taylor had grounded her fist right into Rachel's jaw, and slammed her against the pavement. Already, about half the year group had surrounded the two, and chanting for more. And obviously, Taylor answered her crowd. However, before she could even attempt to smash Rachel's face in, a hand slammed down on Taylor's shoulder.

"And what seem's to be going on here then, Miss Brown?" a croaky, yet silencing voice spoke out. Slowly Taylor turned round, to be confronted by the Head Teacher herself; Mrs. Berkston.

"You can explain yourself in my office, NOW!" Slightly shaking, Taylor dragged herself into the building, awaiting her punishment.



20 minutes after the first period bell, Jeanna walked along the corridor and into the Nurse's Office.

"Excuse me, is Rachel here?" asked Jeanna to the lady in the white cloak.

"Don't speak to me..." slowly replied Rachel, who was in pain, as the Nurse threaded the stitches on Rachel's eyebrow. "Look, Rachel, you know me, i'm not the fighting type!" Jeanna started to feel the guilt weighing onto her shoulders.

Still avoiding eye-contact, Rachel sat up in her chair, "Yeah? Well you're not the friend-type either."


It's funny how words can hurt you, and definitely those few words crushed Jeanna's heart completely. Without even responding, she walked away from the office and out of their friendship...

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