Swaggers of a unheavenly place

This is my entry for 'THE BULLIES" contest. The moment my mind registered the contents that the briefing held, thousands of ideas sprang at me. This is one is my trump-card and I play it.


1. The swaggers of an unheavenly place


I sat there naked, my innards bulging and my hairy, skinny body exposed. He came near me “The Bully”. He zipped down his trousers and out came his shaved penis. He jeered at me, his friends in a frenzy of movements were touching my younger sisters innards. She too kneeled naked next to me, gagged and raped to the pulp, her eyes were tinted red and her breath was quickening, she would not make it long. I don’t know for how long they banged her. I could not see her naked and I averted my gaze in shame, the shame of being a brother and sending my sister to sell her body. That was what I was doing, selling her, being banged myself. I should have run to summon someone when I saw the bully mounting her, instead my new-found anger had finally seethed and I, in an epiphany that prostrated all my dogmas, had attacked the bully, only to be smacked with his club in the eye. Now, I would be raped with my sister. I looked to the heavens, my mind still indulged in its foray into violence, now the galled thoughts transmogrified into pleas for His elevated embrace.

My face was physically aligned with the penis, and the bully thrust into my mouth. I could feel bile raising, in my dizzied and misted state of mind I did little to constrain and it came splashing out. White slimy substances concocted with blood, that had been streamed out due to the thrust. They splayed onto the The Bully’s face and sat there. Incensed by the latest turn of events, he punched me in the other eye and told me to lick the vomit. I should have run, my sister was already raped, she wouldn’t make it anyway, but I didn’t, a small amount of care still clung onto my fazed mind, I would stay until it lingered. So I licked. The bitter taste singed my tongue, but I bore it. I tried to push it down my throat but I knew I would clog and I would vomit again. So, I made a show of trying hard, and I guess it worked because The bully urinated on my mouth to lubricate the process. The substance tinged with the taste of salt went sliding down my throat.

The bully pushed me aside and went to his friends who were happily caressing, cuddling, licking my sister’s breasts  . He made her lie and started mounting her again. For him, it was a ramble down the promenade, a thing he had seen his parents do all his childhood. It was ingrained in him. In fact, I have seen him peeking through the keyhole while his parents were in bed. Blood oozed from the side of his penis and I knew it was not his. My sisters terrified eyes and her mutilated body pommeled fury into my mind. Anger resurfaced, my mind was blurred, the blunt weapon that was my mind masked itself to glint off the ricocheting sourness. My head started swinging, and I roared in what was a cacophony of emotions and I picked the club and swung it down the bully’s head. He crumpled and slumped off my sisters body and realized that her belly was not contracting or expanding and her dilated eyes were not blinking the same went for The Bully. His terrified friends scurried off. I would be  held guilty.

The next day, I saw a picture of myself in the newspaper under the heading “14 year-old killed in train accident”. Only I know what it truly was. From hell,  I have flung this paper, please turn it to the police and placate my wailing mother. Address attached in the underside, you’ll be blessed. 

                                                                             Yours sincerely,

The wallower of his own fate, THE PESSIMIST

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