Demon Dreams

Young James Sanders keeps having the same dream. In his dream, a Demon from hell keeps pursuing him, as if James was his prey. Throughout James' life, the Demon haunts him until one day SOMETHING HAPPENS!!!!


1. Running for your life


Running… Running... Running. All James Sanders wanted to do was run from the blood red demon chasing after him at lightning speed. James could hear the growl the creature from hell was making; it was like a thousand lions all ready to pounce in one swift movement. He was running through the forest towards his back garden, towards his safe and snug bed. James kept running through the bushes, past the trees and up and down clumps of ground- thorns scraping his skin then leaving a bloody cut stinging with agonising pain.

Meanwhile, the demon kept pursuing his prey with such precision he would never lose it- hands reaching out, fingers splaying with ultra-sharp claws as black as night. James would never make it in time; his mum would be worrying out of her mind about him. His feet pounding one after the other so hard he thought they would drop off soon. He turned back; he looked into the cold, harsh, eyeless holes on the demons face. That was his mistake, because when he turned back round he was running straight towards a tree - no way to avoid it!

CRASH! The impact was so hard and brutal; James was knocked off his feet. The last thing he could remember was screaming as the creature lunged towards him with its mouth unhinged to swallow him whole!

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