I Hurt Everyday

This my entry for the bullying competition. I wanted to write something from an alternative perspective and hopefully I have done that. Please read and do leave feedback. Feel free to check out my story "Full of Emptiness" too.


1. I Hurt Everyday

I bully coz I don't give a shit!

I bully coz I don't care,
Bet you didn't think you'd see a bully gloating on here!

Why not be the bully?
Better then being bullied?

I can make people cry and hurt them at my will
Nobody speaks up even though there's campaign over-kill

People pretend they want care by putting on this anti-bullying crap 

But why not come face the music and we can resolve it in a scrap?

Why should I care about people's feelings, when nobody cares about mine?

Judging me doesn't take time!

What about my feelings? 
I live in a foster home, where I was bullied till I started responding

I've been forced into this way of human bonding. 

Why did my parents dump me?
Why didn't they care?

All I want is someone to love me
And remove this hate that breeds within me

I hurt everyday, 
and hate everyday. 

This second person living within me
Just wants to hurt me and hurt you

Nobody cares to want to help me,
From the bully that is within me...
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