Tooth Shard The Throne of Alaska

this is a story about wolves. Wolves that rule Alaska, facing bears is just one of the many dangers these wolves must face.


1. Tooth Shard


  It was a cold, harsh winter’s night, snow dropped out of the sky, swiftly landing on the freezing, snowy slopes of Alaska. Out of a nearby cave stepped an immense, four-legged figure that let off a blood-curdling howl which echoed all through the wilderness until it reached the rest of the Ice clan. The figure was of course Tooth Shard, alpha male of the Ice Clan. As the other wolves arrived at the mouth of the cave Tooth Shard was sharpening his claws on a nearby rock. He stopped to face the other wolves, there was an awkward silence until he finally piped up,  “the Forest clan is attempting to cross through our territory, their leader, Star Fang is going to take them across the frozen lake and past our homes killing everything in their path unless we stop them. We must destroy them all. Especially Star Fang.” he said snarling and growling. Tooth Shard was an old wolf with a long shaggy grey coat, claws that could rip a bear to shreds in one swipe and a long scar running down his left eye. Star Fang, on the other hand was a huge black wolf with a long scruffy coat and blood stains all over his body. As the other wolves were leaving the cave Tooth Shard called out after them,  “remember we must ruin all the Forest Clan’s chances of getting anywhere near our territory. Before it‘s too late.”    The next day the Ice Clan made a kill, it was a caribou, food for the whole clan. But then, out of nowhere the Forest clan appeared to get first pickings on the bloody caribou carcass.  “What are you doing here Star Fang?!” roared Tooth Shard furiously.  “Taking all your food ha ha ha!!!” sniggered Star Fang. “Get out of our territory or I’ll rip you to shreds, bones and all!!!”  “Come on guys, we’re not wanted here.” growled Star Fang, and with that the Forest clan disappeared into the dense undergrowth.  The Ice Clan tucked into their dinner until a huge shadow which blocked out the sun stood over them. Tooth Shard stared up at the huge beast also known as the Kodiak bear.    The Kodiak bear roared at the whole clan before killing a clan member with one swipe to the temple. The dead wolf went flying through the air until it crashed into a boulder. The rest of the wolves immediately stepped out of the way to let the humungous bear feed. At dusk Tooth Shard and a few other wolves went out to hunt after the miserable incident with the caribou carcass. The wolves spotted a nearby elk.    The wolves paused for a while, watching their prey. Until the elk spotted them and started running. The chase was on. Tooth Shard darted forwards, the other wolves dashed left and right pursuing the elk. One of the wolves on the right hand side dived under the elk’s throat, biting it’s windpipe. A few more seconds later and the elk had suffocated and was lying dead on the cold Alaskan snow. Finally, the Ice clan could eat! The next morning the Ice clan discovered a wolverine chewing on the elk’s right leg.  “Get out of here, that’s our food!!!!” Tooth Shard hissed, fed up of the Ice Clan‘s food being stolen. The wolverine ripped the elk’s leg off and ran away with it.  “At least we can eat now.” mumbled one of the younger wolves. The rest of the wolves started eating before anything else could steal their food.    As Tooth Shard went back into the cave for a nap, to his surprise, there was a rattling noise. He went to check it out and wished he hadn’t because there in the corner of the cave was a porcupine. The porcupine gave a rattle of it’s quills, warning Tooth Shard to stay back. Tooth Shard took the porcupine’s warning and backed away. It took three whole days for Tooth Shard to eventually drive the porcupine out of the cave.   At 11:17pm a snow storm struck. It covered the cave in the thick white snow and all the trees had turned a frosty white. The rest of the night seemed to last forever as the                                                                                                             icy-cold breeze swept through the cave. Tooth Shard sat up and wished the snow storm would end soon. As the harsh snow slammed onto the cold floor Tooth Shard threw back his head in a howl,  ”are you…” , his voice was cut off by a sudden ’THUD!!!!’  A huge tree crashed onto the roof of the cave. The roof started to crumble, Tooth Shard knew this was a very dangerous situation. He dived out of the cave like a cheetah sprinting its heart out. He skidded on the frozen lake a few yards away. He saw the cave, his home, his shelter, his warmth, his world crumble to pieces before his very eyes. What was he going to do?   He howled in grief for his ruined home. A few seconds later the rest of the Ice Clan appeared trudging through the snow towards him. They stopped and stared in sorrow at the ruins which were once their leader’s home. The Ice Clan all started whimpering in sadness as their hearts shattered to dust.  “What are you whining about, losers!” snorted Star Fang. “Get lost Star Fang right now or I’ll, I’ll, I’ll…”  “you’ll what, you couldn’t even beat me in a battle.” roared Star Fang.  “Are you challenging me?” asked Tooth Shard.  “Of course I’m challenging you. Just you and me tomorrow at 5pm sharp on the frozen lake. Be there or else!!!”,  “I’ll show up alright and I’ll tear you to shreds!!!!” yelled Tooth Shard as the Forest clan trudged away. At the very thought of facing Star Fang made a shiver scuttle down Tooth Shard’s spine, after all Star Fang was leader of the most blood-thirsty wolf clan that has ever lived.    After that Tooth Shard immediately started training for his fight with Star Fang. The next day at 4:46pm Tooth Shard was so nervous he couldn’t move a muscle. It took a heap of encouragement to get him to go to the frozen lake where Star Fang stood waiting for the brutal battle ahead. As Tooth Shard approached the evil Star Fang he thought about all the training he had had with the rest of the Ice Clan.  “Bring it on!” roared Star Fang curling his lips in a snarl. This was the moment that everyone had been waiting for. It was time to fight.    Tooth Shard headed for Star Fang’s throat but Star Fang turned and ripped Tooth Shard’s eye right out of it’s socket. He just crossed the line! Tooth Shard went for Star Fang’s leg this time. He managed to grip his teeth onto Star Fang’s leg and heard the thick flesh and skin peel off. Then, ‘CRACK!!!!’ Tooth Shard snapped Star Fang’s leg off. “Ahhhhhhh!!!!” shrieked Star Fang in agony. Now Tooth Shard had the upper hand and lunged at Star Fang’s spine. He missed by an inch and landed face first in a pile of snow. Star Fang got up and pierced Tooth Shard’s belly with his huge set of powerful teeth. What was Tooth Shard to do? Tooth Shard twisted round as fast as possible and ripped Star Fang’s windpipe out of his throat. Star Fang tried to utter a final scream but it was no use because his throat had been torn out. Star Fang’s bloody corpse collapsed onto the frozen lake. In a few minutes the whole lake had been completely engulfed in a bright red, sticky, bloody mess which was once Star Fang. Everyone stood in astonishment as Tooth Shard looked all around him. He won, he actually won, he beat Star Fang, the most blood-thirsty wolf that had ever lived.  All around there was silence until a member of the Ice Clan started cheering. Then there was a complete uproar of cheers from the Ice Clan. After the brutal death of Star Fang, Tooth Shard never saw the Forest Clan ever again, he had found a new cave to live in and the Ice Clan became the greatest wolf clan that had ever lived. He was on top of the world once again.
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