My Little Love Story.


1. 1.

He leans forward to whisper to me and I respond but,

What we speak, I never know...

My heart sways oh so slowly, but alas,

Why it does I don’t know…


The matters of the heart and

The heart of all matters,

Shall always be shut away within our souls…

My lips are sealed with locks and bolts and

Have let my eyes say it all…


I once asked a strutting Brooke,

If she was twisting off to her distant ocean?

A little shy, a little nervous,

she flowed from here to there

With dreams, just like mine, of meeting her love…


I once asked a swaggering cloud,

To stop his torment and quench the land’s thirst…

But he growled and thundered here and there until,

He stole his lovers heart, only then jingled and rained down

-  oh just like you, my love


My lover says something and the so did I but,

What we speak I never know...

My heart sways oh so gently, but alas,

Why it does, I don’t know…


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