Diary of the Corpse

:3 random thing I did lol


1. A walking deadman

The scent of old blood

 Drained and flowing on the floor

 Young corpse under your bed

 Eyes wide open of black pain

 A smile of a hunger

 Moving closer on its back

 Sleeping with innocence

 The beast upon your neck

 Ripping you apart

 What it wants, what it don't have anymore...

 Screams filling the night

 Blood raining all over

 As it smile with eyes of blood

  How to fight something

 That puts its self back together

 With blood spills of humans it ate

 Walking around in human flesh

 But a monster of all bones inside

 Pity on its lying form leads to death

 Bringing it to life was the wrong move

 Let the dead go  

To invite them is no picnic

 You will be the lunch

 Let it burn in the sunlight  

A nightmare to an end

But another chapter the next night...

The corpse plans to come back

A whole new fright and torture

Twisting it's spine in all shapes

That makes chills go down yours

A broken human

Bleeding in guilt

Blood on his hands

Now have to face the wonderland down below

With last words in a diary

Kill men dead...



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