Lost and NOT found!

A girl gets stuck on a island...
But will she survive?
Or will she find her way home?


1. The beginning of the ending....


My life felt like it had ended, my body was weak, my mind was confused.

As my foot stepped on the shimmering sand, the heat reached my feet. I was searching around but all I could see were bushes, palm trees, sand and more sand! Later on I started to walk around looking for any sort of food and clean water. There was nothing! My stomach was roaring with hunger.


The only way for me to survive was too eat, so I had to kill to live. I grabbed a Salmon and sufficated it until it was still. Next I found some pieces of wood and created a fire, as the fish was cooking, the sunset had arrived. I had to look for shelter to keep me warm and safe.

Eventually, I found wood pieces and huge leafs to protect me from the outside world.


The morning came and I was still hungry but I had to focus more on how to get home. So, I decided to watch the wide oceon for any sight of a boat. Hours went by and my hope for a rescue were very low, but suddenly, I caught a moving image coming closer. People stepped out of their boat and made their way towards me. My face then turned into a worried expression.


The people were masked and had a gun.  

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