Forever Flawed

This is my entry for the bullying competition.
The trailer is not mine but one I found on Youtube, no copyright intended. The story opened my eyes which is why I wanted to show it to you, so you can have a look at one story that changed someone's life all because of bullying and hear of an innocent life taken as a result.
P.S Sorry if it strays from the point a bit, but I just wanted to show more behind the bullying in the coming chapters.
"You think you want to die, but in reality you just want to be saved"


2. More and More

“It’s nice of you to join us Milana,” Mr Goodman’s bellowing tone echoed deafeningly around the crowded classroom. “Take a seat before I give you an after school!” While he hollered his bushy moustache quivered excitedly like an electrocuted squirrel, but this was no time to giggle on my teacher’s facial hair. When Mr Goodman said after school it usually meant clearing-the-underside-of-the-classroom-tables-of-gum-with-bare-hands-after-school. But he always went easy on me only because I am an albino. That’s the main cause of my bullying because there are many racist students in my class who all joke about my deathly white skin. It didn’t help that Stephanie Meyer recently published Twilight as now I get vampire taunts thrown in as well to my daily beatings.


If I imagine what the recipe for my life would be, this is what I would come up with:

*3 Heaped spoonfuls of misery

*Pinch of suffering

*1 heaped spoon of pain

*100000 sprinkles of bullying

P.S Make her albino to make her time on earth particularly challenging.


Why I can’t be the same colour as my parents I don’t know. Once when I was a toddler, an inexperienced family mistook me for their three-year-old daughter. Well, they did until they noticed my red eyes. Mum says they aren’t red, just slightly pink around the edges yet as a result, I am forever wearing unfashionable, thick rimmed glasses because the pigments in my iris can’t handle the blinding glare of the sun. Add that to the five layers of apricot sun factor 50 sun cream smothered all over my skin even when there’s a thunderstorm = Victim.


Hurriedly I tried to initiate the corridor walking here, whilst still seeming dignified. I failed. One of Jake’s many cronies stuck their leg out as I made my way up the centre gangway and never being the daintiest of or most elegant of children, I stumbled, my face making contact with the gum plastered desk, on the sharpened corner of all places. Cackles soon followed and when I in vain glanced up for sympathy or support, I was greeted with Mr Goodman’s retreating back. Holding back the urge to sarcastically give my dedicated teacher a “thank you”, I struggled to remain my composure and sighed gratefully when I sunk into my chair, without any other embarrassing incidents.


It was going to be a long day….


The persistent vibration of my phone roused me out of my reverie as it uncontrollably juddered in my pocket at the end of school.

Class had continued as normal: Flying spit balls that stuck to my blonde hair, making it feel like soaking mush, notes soared over my head, yet like on any other day, I paid no interest to the scrawled messages concealed inside and of course Mr Goodman called on me for an answer to a question I haven’t even heard.


“Milana, what do you think?”


“I said, what do you think?”

“About what?” Throughout the conversation I was aware of my face getting as red as a tomato in humiliation. There were people giggling with glee at my discomfort.

“About the topic I have been explaining for about half an hour, care to comment on it?”

“Ummm…not really sir…I am sure the rest of the class understands,” I felt, rather than heard the bated breath. It hadn’t meant to sound discourteous, yet it came out as if I was talking back and contradicting everything he said and no one ever talked back to Mr Goodman.

“I am sure they do but the question is, were you even listening to me?”

“Ummmmm…...” But before I could respond the bell rang, shrill and relentless signalling the end of torture. Saved by the bell.


My attention was drawn back to my phone.


Hey Vampire,

How can you come outside in the sun? :-D


And another:


I think the Halloween costume has gone a bit far this year…! :-P


And another…With dismay I scrolled down the list, as more just kept arriving constantly popping up by an unknown contact. Then it dawned and I had a flash back. Phone seeming untouched, bullies disappearing with no reason why, they had discovered my number and were spreading it around like wildfire to other students. I nearly jumped out of my skin when an additional message was inserted to my inbox.


What happened to vampires being beautiful?


Tears not of fear, but of helplessness descended down my flushed cheeks in despair. Slowly, I sunk to my knees against a graffiti plagued brick wall, my head lolling uselessly as I contemplated my situation. Sobs shook my body, causing my teeth to chatter. I lost track of time, I didn’t know how long I spent using the pathway as support. If at any time I managed to disconnect myself from reality for a few priceless moments, another text arrived from yet another unknown contact typing another rhetorical question or mirthless joke. Resigned, I began making my way down the well known path towards home, after experiencing a day on hell.


Suddenly, I felt a sharp object digging into my leg as I strolled along the pathway. My brow furrowed in perplexity as I removed a lined note from my pocket. Uh oh. Reluctantly I unfolded the screwed up paper:

Like my texts? I hope so because they are going to just keep on getting worse and will keep on coming. Check out I think you will be interested.

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