Bailey is 14, she has been bullied her whole life because she has been small. Will she kill herself? Rabbit is 11, she is bullied because of her name, how will she deal with it? This story is about two girls who are bullied. This is my entry for the bullying competition.


9. Rabbit: The End

I looked around, the wind blew my hair into my face. I looked over the bridge, cars passed underneath. I climbed up onto the fence quickly. I heard a car stop behind me and a car door open. I didn't wait any longer. I knew what I had to do, this may be my only chance. I was lucky to get out of the home. The home is terrible, all the other children are nasty and they pick on me. School is better, but people still laugh at my name. I can't take life anymore. Especially the thought that I couldn't save Bailey. I didn't try hard enough and it's my fault she's dead. 

"Get down from there, you'll fall!" A lady cried at me and I heard someone running towards me. I stood up as quick as I could and I bent my knees. Then I jumped off of the fence and jumped into death. 

"I'm coming Bailey and Mum," I thought and the last thing I felt was my body colliding with the ground beneath the bridge.


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